Sunday, April 29, 2012


Oh god.

We fly out to the US this week and today I had a slight panic attack. I haven't got a list, I haven't even thought about what to pack for the little bird. And I have just days to get organised.


Last time we took her away, we took everything. Literally. Everything. The metaphorical kitchen sink, although in this case it was the baby's bath.

This time is a little different. We aren't driving there (clearly) and although we have a somewhat generous luggage allowance, I'm not taking the baby bath this time.

Last time, I made a list with hundreds of items on it. I started planning weeks in advance. This time I have less time.

In the past when we would go overseas I'd pack a few days in advance. Just toss items into the suitcase (almost literally) and get on the plane. With a baby, it's not that easy.

Having said that, we are going to the US. The home of consumerism. So long as we take the basics, we should be okay. We can buy everything there. That is somewhat reassuring, but I still think I will drag the suitcases out in the morning.

Just to make a start.

Anyone have any advice for our first overseas trip with baby?



Anonymous said...

I am no source of wisdom, in fact, I'll be stalking this comments section in the hope that someone will have some great ideas for you (and me). How long are you away for? Given that I packed as much for a 2 hour visit to see friends recently, as I would seemingly pack for 2 weeks in Queensland, I'm going to need all of the advice I can get. Are you taking the stroller with you? Buying an umbrella stroller when you are over there? What about nappies? Are you buying over there or taking the lot with you? Good luck!!

Miss Kitty-Cat said...

I know what you mean. I often parade about town with a bootload of stuff - and driving a Volvo XC70 that is no mean feat...

We are taking the Boo with us, but we will get a smaller stroller for Europe. We get a huge luggage allowance flying to the US so it's worth taking this time.

I'll let you know how we get on. I believe the Mummy from Homemade Heart has some good lists on her blog so I am off to trawl there.

K xx

Miss Kitty-Cat said...

And yes, we'll take one small pack of nappies (about 6-8 days worth) but will buy the rest there...

Am nervous about food for the baby... She is picky enough as it is!

K xx

Miss-B said...

Head on over to A Cup of Jo and check out this post

Best tips I've ever seen!