Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Chie Mihara

A long term devotee/reader of the lovely Lilli at Frocks and Frou Frou, I always lust after the beautiful shoes she wears. Other than her fascination with yellow shoes (which I do not share because yellow makes me look like a giant banana) she always seems to have the most divine fashionable footwear.

One of her regular "investments" is Chie Mihara. She admits they are ridiculously expensive, but for someone who used to buy Miu Mius and Louboutins with frightening regularity, the price does not concern me (not overly anyway). Now I am one of those strange beings (someone who favours fit over fashion), I need to find footwear that suits my Mummy lifestyle without sacrificing too much style.

There are a few pairs I have been eying off but I'd like to try on some of her shoes before I take the plunge. If anyone knows where I can do that in Sydney I would be eternally grateful.

Now - on to the eye candy:

Bougan is a lovely orangey red colour with a nice substantial heel. Perfect for all the summer travelling we will be doing this year! I'd love it in a more blue red though.

Vorymar looks nice and neutral but I don't think I'd get a huge amount of wear out of it during the day. It's certainly more an evening sandal.

Xifon has a gorgeous flower on the front - very pretty. But not overly practical...

Nerito is more a solid winter shoe (but it will eventually be winter here you know)... I like the flower on the front (seems to be a recurring theme) and it also comes in black. The red is so pretty though...

So many beautiful options.... If you have an opinion please do let me know.



Julia Kuku Couture Invitations said...

wow love the first pair

Miss Kitty-Cat said...

I love them all - that's the problem Julia!!

K xx

Sam said...

Definitely the last pair! I have just taken the plunge after following Lilli's blogs for some time, and ordered a pair from which were on sale.
It is risky buying shoes online without trying them on, but apparently they are quite true to size and they have a fit guide on the website.
Besides, there is always ebay ;) (which is coincidentally where Lilli says she gets most of her Chie's!)

LollyD said...

I was just browsing around, looking for Chie Mihara-related things, because I adore her shoes like nobody's business, when I came across your blog. I love all the styles you've posted and just thought you might be interested to know the gorgeous (if impractical, as you say) Xifon is currently half off at Ped Shoes! It's a lot easier for me to take the plunge at $219 rather than $438.