Thursday, June 2, 2011

It's a baby girl kitten!

We had our 19 week morphology scan last week. It's so exciting to see the baby moving on the big screen. We got a wave from our little one and saw lots of rolling around. All the measurements seem to be in line with our dates and our obstetrician is happy with the progress thus far.

The baby's movements get more and more definite every day. They have migrated from small indistinct flutters to definite movements. There are active periods and periods of sleeping every day. It's so funny to think our little one is developing patterns and habits already.

The most exciting news is we decided to find out what we were having, and it looks like we'll be welcoming a little girl into our house in October. Very exciting news, although I was convinced we were having a boy, despite everyone else thinking I was having a girl. Shows Mummas don't always know best, and hence we only had a boys name agreed. We have started a list of girls names so if anyone has any brilliant suggestions please let me know. Our only requirements are that it needs to not have S sounds (our interesting and somewhat unpronounceable surname has two S sounds in it already) and the name needs to be reasonably common - but not too common - to offset the unusual nature of the surname she will be saddled with.

I am now fascinated with little girl clothes, hence the purchase of the above onesie from Seed when I was in town yesterday. I also spotted an ocelot cardigan which has Little Miss Kitty's name written all over it...

It's going to be an expensive few months methinks.



Anonymous said...

*Shriek*!! A little Miss Kitty!

Congratulations on having a girl! It's so very exciting once you know the sex isn't it?

Seed is lovely...and yes I can confirm it will be a very expensive few months! :)

Amy said...

Hooray! A little Miss Kitty! Can you convince Mr Kitty on Clementine? :)

Also, when are we going to see some stylish bump fashions being modelled by a certain stylish Mama to be...?

PS, am busy for next couple of weeks with mountains of work, but would love to see you soon. Will be in touch on FB to sort something out!

Sammie said...

Another little girl!
Yay for you.
We are expecting our daughter in early September.
THe first thing I did when we found out was to go and buy a dress.
No more gender neutral stuff for us!
And the Missoni Bugaboo will be perfect! (Although it would also have been perfect for a boy!)
Check out Ebay for new Seed girls stuff - there is always heaps! But be careful 0 prices can get more expensive that in the store!
How amazing is the scan! We loved it and decided to then have the 4D scan done too! This CONFIRMED it was a girl and it was great to see her again too!

Good luck with the name choosing.
We think we have it now and it's something that came out of the blue one day from my husband and I just agreed there and then.
We were struggling with boys names so it was a blessing to find out we didn't have to worry about that anymore!

BuBbles said...

Yay, congratulations!!!!!


Sophie P said...

Aw, congratulations on the girl Miss Kitty- that's great news!

I've always struggled with girls names and the only ones I like are already in my family! My suggestions would be Poppy, Emily, Mille, Molly or Olive/Olivia- very classic yet not too common :-) XXX

Cole K said...

Lovely news about little Miss Kitty! I love Matilda, Georgia, Lilly or Ella for little girls but I am sure whatever you choose will be perfect x

Z said...

Oh, congratulations! I'm so glad to hear that things are going well with the pregnancy. I have always found that choosing boys' names is easier than choosing girls' names - isn't that strange?

Semi Expat said...

DELIGHTED to hear your news - how adorable a baby girl kitty to your family...As for names I was going to mention all the ones that Sophie P has suggested too - she's my niece and all those names are in our family, as she says!! Would also add Matilda, Mollie and Lily to the list. Just adore all the gorgeous baby things in Seed. What fun you will have!!! So pleased for you Miss Kitts. XXXX

Sydney Shop Girl said...

I'm so happy for you and Mr K!

Looking forward to living vicariously through your shopping.

SSG xxx

Sydney Shop Girl blog

sandramm1 said...

Surely she will need these shoes too :

I love:

Brasilian_Babe said...

Miss Kitty Cat, congratulations on the wonderful news!!!

Good luck with picking a name. MrBB and I still haven't agreed on a boy's name for our bub but we have a shortlist at the moment :)

Congrats again to you and MrKitty

Libby said...

So happy for you, congrats!

Jess said...

I think my bubs is going to be a boy and we've (annoyingly!) decided not to find out until the end. Everyone else thinks/hopes for a girl.

Good luck with names :)

Miss Kitty-Cat said...

Thanks everyone - we are so excited! Naturally I am disappointed in my powers of deduction and prediction but we got over that pretty quickly and couldn't be happier about our little girl. We couldn't have cared either way, actually, but shopping for girls things has proven to be a lot of fun. And very expensive, as the cardigan will attest.

Thanks everyone for your amazing suggestions - many of them have gone on our list, but you'll probably be surprised that more than half of them were already on the list!

Sass - I worry about my bank account. But she will be the best dressed girl in the neighbourhood, that's for sure!

Amy - Mr K is still not keen on Clementine but it has been put on the list for further discussion. I might just have to wear him down.

Sammie - I am definitely getting the Missoni fabric for the Bugaboo! Mr K agreed before we knew what we were having that I could get it if we were having a girl, but that's when we both thought we were having a boy!

Z - We had no problem with the boy name. We agreed first time on that, but it helps we picked family names I guess. But I agree - so much easier to pick a boys name!

Jess - we couldn't wait to find out what we were having! We have too many things happening this year to factor another surprise in!

Julia @ Boredom Abounds said...

Wow, congratulations!! And happy shopping - baby clothes are too adorable to refuse.

Faux Fuchsia said...

So excited and happy for you xxxx

Kiki Chaos said...

Oh wow, a little girl :) Thankyou for sharing your wonderful news. I think she absolutely must have an ocelot cardigan.

Blighty said...

Congratulations! A girl! Someone to go shopping with later on! jealous! xxx