Friday, May 27, 2011

Leona Edmiston SALE!

Hi chickens,

A brief note from me this morning. I got an email from Leona Edmiston HQ yesterday informing me that for the next three days they were having a 50% off EVERYTHING mid year sale!

The sale is both online and in-store and is off the original price. Sale ends on Sunday 29th May.

Go forth and purchase!

Kitty xx


Semi Expat said...

Off to have a 'sticky beak' online!! Thanks..xx

Pink Penguin (Elyse) said...

Yay thank you for this, I was in desperate need of some new luxury opaque tights for work, and I just managed to snap them up at $11.45 instead of $22.95! So could buy 4 pairs for the price of 2. Less washing during the working week! :)

Z said...

Done and done! I bought Cyd and Taylor during the sale last week, and have now picked up Anna, Natalia and Whitney. Am still debating Vita, but I love the McQueen-esque print.

I love cut-price jersey.

Miss Kitty-Cat said...

SE - at half price everything is so affordable!

Elyse - glad I could help out!

Z - I liked Vita too, but it just didn't suit me. Taylor is gorgeous!

jamie-lee said...

Man it looks like I just missed this - what a bummer! Hehe next time :)