Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Miss Kitty on Struggle Street...

I have a terrible cold. For a week now I have been laid up, snuffling. I hate complaining but after living through this cold without the help of codral, cold and flu tablets - even the soothing help of menthol - I hope never to complain about a cold again.

The strongest thing I have been able to take is a Lemsip. Lemsip! The insult to cold and flu remedies! I swear, even Kinder Surprises would have more of an impact on my cold than Lemsip!

Suffice to say I have been eating oranges, drinking juice, chugging down vitamin C like no-one's business. Still to no avail. Lucky no sinusitis this time around - thank goodness for small mercies.

In the interim I have been researching for the baby - mainly important and glam things like car seats. My main discovery over the past few weeks is that many people who work in baby shops know little about car seats. We have been told so many different things about which car seat is best - one sales assistant even told us a seat that has a one star rating was "the best in terms of safety on the market". WTF??

So we went off and did our own research. We have decided on the Meridian AHR Tilt and Adjust which tested very safely in both forward and rear facing mode. We found the best thing to do was check the CREP ratings for their unbiased testing results. It's an expensive option but worth the money in terms of safety and protection. Now, we'll go out and buy it!
In the spirit of "one for me, one for the baby", I made a small purchase last night at the Net-a-Porter sale. Continually on the hunt for the perfect black handbag, I came across this beauty. I had a shipping voucher so the total cost was a little more than $400. For a leather Burberry handbag. Bargain I say!

There are lots of very pretty things in the sale - it's definitely worth a look. Especially if you have lots of time in bed resting like I seem to have at the moment!

Kitty xx


Posie Patchwork said...

Love a gal who goes out to buy a car seat & comes back with a handbag!! All i can say, in the 1990s when i started buying baby seats, the Safe'n'Sound 0-4 year seats which started off facing backwards then you spun them around at around 6 months, they were brilliant. FYI there were no safety ratings either, they were all crash proof, what on earth would have changed?? Air bags in the car seats?? I ended up having 4 children in 4 years, so we knew our car seats!! It's a great investment & you'll always have friends to hand them down to afterwards. I just figure if you get a fabulous one which will last your baby years - go for one you will love. Then if like me you have twins next time around, you'll need two of everything (so uneconomical) & you'll really need a car seat you like. Good luck, love Posie

Sydney Shop Girl said...

Beautiful bag and yay re the car seat decision.

Love your shopping style, Kitty!

SSG xxx

Sydney Shop Girl blog

Heavenly Ingredients said...

I just looked at NAP and that bag has sold out, already! great purchase though, such a beauty x

The Mummy said...

We have that car seat. It is excellent, and very comfy for sleeping!


Miss Kitty-Cat said...

Posie - I remember when car seats were pieces of foam and cost $30 from Big W. We didn't have curtain airbags or anything like that in terms of safety. Cars were all equal too. It's strange that they have ratings now, I agree, but what irks me is when people try to sell you something that doesn't meet the brief. Shows you have to do your research!!!

SSG - it was hard work finding the right solution - in both cases! Let's see if either are successful!

Heavenly - It sold fast! I knew if I wanted it I would have to make a snap decision.

Mummy - glad to hear first hand that the seat is good. Did Tabitha rear face to 12 months or has she been turned around?

sassandspice said...

I've got the same seat as well Kitty! Lily is still rear facing as she is still under 12kg. Like your new handbag too!