Friday, June 24, 2011

A bag for the baby.

I have many handbags. I know - you are shocked. So am I, if I am being honest. But there is one thing I don't have and that's a bag that is suitable for toting baby stuff around the shop. Or shops, in my case.

I have been keeping my eye out for a suitable receptacle for baby things. But the actual problem is that I don't know how much I'll be carrying around with me. Is it a suitcase worth? A couple of nappies and a muslin? If you have any advice about size or function I'd very much appreciate it (keeping in mind my handbags are often the size of small suitcases).

In the interim, here are some I have found that might work.

This silver spectacle from Seed Child ($139): I thought it would work because of the neutral colour. In my opinion you just can't go wrong with silver. And I love Seed.

The Bryn Nappy Bag from Soon Maternity. It's on sale for $89.95 which makes it really attractive and it's nice and colourful. There are other colours on sale too!

The Skip Hop Duo Diaper Bag. Really cheap at $58, but it has to get shipped from the US which adds extra cost. Or alternatively available from Bambini Pronto for $99.95. The multitude of colours and the great reviews makes it a really attractive option. Plus it has clips that attach it to any stroller which means your hands are free for other things and the weight of all those baby things doesn't weigh you down.

If anyone has any advice about things that are important in a nappy/baby bag, I would very much appreciate it. I know it needs loads of pockets, for example, so that I can put things like bottles and toys and muslins in them. The rest is a bit of a mystery to me!

Kitty xx


Aneets said...

I'm currently breastfeeding child no.3 so I think I can weigh in!
You'll need room for a few spare nappies, wipes, change mat, spare set of clothes for baby (or 2 or 3 sets for my current bub as he could puke for Australia), nappy rash cream, a wrap (to use over pram if they're sleeping or as a cover if you're breastfeeding), dummies (if you use one).
Only other thing I can think of is perhaps an insulated pouch thing if you end up bottle feeding- it helps keep your bottle warm.
OK that was an essay- happy shopping!

Aneets said...

Oh, wanted to add you may want to get something unisex as this will mean it will be easy for your partner to grab the bag & go out with your daughter solo.

The Mummy said...

With regard to size - most 'standard nappy bags' are about the right size. In theory, you could do with something like a Longchamp tote (the larger than A4 size with the long handles), but what you really want are Structure and Pockets - structure to enable easier rummaging, and pockets to stow lots of little things like creams and odds and ends.

I have this bag - - the Storksak Elizabeth in Fawn. It has been fabulous. I like all the Storksak bags - the quality is very high. The leather on my bag is buttery soft.

I should add, however, that once babies are past a certain age, and you can predict their nappy changes, providing you are breastfeeding, all you need to take is a spare nappy and a few wipes, and maybe a bib. So now, I use my old bags (like my LV Amla) and just pop a nappy in. I rarely use the proper nappy bag anymore.

Newborns need bunny rugs and burp cloths and multiple nappies and a change of clothes and all that... But that phase doesn't last forever (thankfully!). So if you don't want to spend much, don't worry too much about it - you'll only NEED to use the bag for a relatively short amount of time. And you could certainly manage with a simple tote with a little pouch or pencil case for odds and ends!


PS I really like that Seed bag!

Ms Curious @ CCM said...

The Mummy is right, you need to lug around a lot more when the bub is young. I don't miss the "multiple change of clothes in prep for exploding poo" stage that's for sure!

I use a Babymel black quilted bag now. It's lightweight and not too bulky, and it's not too girly for Mr C.

Looking forward to our catch up next week!

Miss Kitty-Cat said...

Thanks for the advice everyone!

Aneets - I never thought about Mr K taking the baby out and having something he wouldn't mind taking with him. When I mentioned it to him he just said "huh??" I think that means he hadn't thought about it either!

Mummy - while I'd love that Storksak one it's a smidge out of the price range, particularly if I don't need to use it for that long. It's gorgeous though!

MsC - I'll have to look up Babymel - it's not a brand I have come across in my research!

The Mummy said...

Ah yes I was very fortunate - twas a gift!

Re. the unisex factor - DH never has Tabby for more than a couple of hours (I have the milk!) so if he takes her for a walk, he normally just chucks a nappy and some wipes in the Ergo. But in the early days, he was happy to carry the cream one. I am always of the theory that if a bag looks very girly, people know it's not HIS bag, tee hee! DH feels the same - but there are some really nice, sleek, simple black messenger-type nappy bags which are very man friendly. Brad Pitt has a gorgeous one, I seem to recall...

Oh and of course, like ANYTHING, Storksak and most other nappy bag brands (including some Aussie ones) are gazillions of dollars cheaper overseas...

While we've never used the bottle pocket or pouch thing, we use the change mat all the time. So a bag with one of them, or buying a separate one, is worthwhile. While you can easily use a bunny rug, most out-and-about change tables are hard, and if baby thrashes around a little, they inevitably bang their little head! So a padded change mat us useful.


Kiki Chaos said...

Ok, I know nothing about how much stuff you need to carry, but I say, get the silver! I'd wear that myself. I'm a bit crazy about silver bags. The others kind of look like beachbags to me, so maybe good for summer (are you having a summer baby?) Maybe you could have another man-friendly bag for Mr K?

emmie gemmie said...

The silver is very cool.

I recomend getting a melobaby nappy wallet.
They unfold to be a changemat and fits a couple of nappies, wipes etc and then you just put that in your normal bag. I like this beacuse I like to carry a different bag depending on what I am wearing.

If you are breastfeeding you don't actually need a massive bag to lug around heaps of stuff.

sassandspice said...

Oo I like the Seed one too!

I didn't end up buying a nappy bag as I didn't see anything 'special' about them?

I ended up getting a bag insert with pockets which I like as I can take this insert out and use it in another bag tomorrow. I used to keep a changemat in the bottom of the bugaboo (lots of storage here too) but now use disposable ones since they are so thin and can be folded in your handbag. Other than that I take a few small toys, bib, Terry towel, wipes, a nappy (few spare In the car and pram) and food and water goes in an insulated lunchbox.

You get very creative with using your pram and car for storage ;-)

If you don't like carrying bulky duff like me you will learn

sassiest said...

Love the silver bag!

I'm wondering if I can get away with using a big Longchamps tote that I have? It's quite sturdy (not le pliage. If I can avoid it, I'd prefer not to buy a dedicated "nappy" bag...