Thursday, June 23, 2011

Baby's sure got style!

One of the good things about having a baby is the vast number of baby stores you now have the liberty of shopping at for your little one. My most recent discovery is Baby's Got Style, an uber chic store devoted to the very best of baby and children's clothes. Brands like Bebe, Purebaby, Coco & Ginger, Marquise - all in the one place.

Personally, I have a very soft spot for Bebe. Their designs are so chic and cute, particularly for baby girls. Although Little Miss Kitty has loads of pretty clothes already, I couldn't resist buying a few choice pieces. Just a few.

This cute pink ribbed cardigan:
This divine Milly pink ribbon dress:

This divine purple Polly romper:

And matching Polly Matinee jacket:

And a divine Daphne Liberty Print Frock:

I really really wanted the beautiful Tatum Liberty print frock (pictured below) and matching bloomers, but unfortunately they didn't have a size that would be suitable for this coming summer and I think, even for me, buying 18 months in advance is ridiculously organised (and OTT). Plus it's really quite spenny for baby clothes. I might have to wait and see if it comes on sale at any stage.

I also adore this gorgeous floral bow romper from Alex and Ant. It was definitely touch and go with this one, but I thought I would wait until my next order for this beauty. It's ridiculously cute!

So many beautiful things, so little time. And a very small budget in my case!

Kitty x


The Mummy said...

Oh my, Bebe is so beautiful for little girls. I kid you not, I pretty much just buy up the entire collection every season! Have you seen the jumpsuits with the floral kittens on the front? Sadly Tabby is too big for them now.

I bought that Liberty floral frock (in a different, paler Liberty) with the matching bloomers. I also bought the little short romper, the bib and the hat in the same pattern. The dress and bloomers remain one of my favourite of her outfits - we bought it long, and it still fits her now, as a tiny little mini dress with the bloomers hanging out. Sorry, not trying to enable, but I cannot tell you how lovely the cut is - plus it has worn very well, even with regular machine washing.


admin said...

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Miss Kitty-Cat said...

I am an absolute convert. Everything arrived today and I am thrilled.

I saw the jumpsuits with the bunnies on the front at DJs the other day but I haven't seen the kittens yet. Where do you buy your Bebe from?

I am finding online shopping very dangerous at the moment...

Miss Kitty-Cat said...

Oh, and re the dress - damn you!! I should really wait you know...

The Mummy said...

I buy my Bebe from either Parenthood (very divine boutique mega-store in Malvern, lots of swish prams and cots and lovely books), or a little boutique called Canterbury Kids in Maling Road.

I suppose there is an argument for waiting until the babe is born, to see what colours work for her. Tabitha looks palid in strong colours - pastels, pinks and navy look nicest on her.

Ms Curious @ CCM said...

I reckon mummies with girls spend at least 50% more on clothes than mummies with boys, there are so many cute girls' clothings out there!

Miss Kitty-Cat said...

Mummy - I think I am going to have to go to DJs for a squizz. The baby shop in our local shopping centre has a little bit but not a lot of the range.

Ms Curious, I agree with you. Wholeheartedly!

Anonymous said...

Love all of the liberty print stuff Kitty! Just gorgeous. Mum is making me a baby quilt at the moment and she's using some liberty print in a paisley pattern. Divine!