Friday, June 3, 2011

The In-betweener.

Today I wore a maternity frock for the first time. The drama. It was awful. I felt huge. MASSIVE. It changed the way I walked (waddled) and stood and I found myself rubbing my not insubstantial bump more frequently - perhaps so people wouldn't just think I was fat. I was very self conscious. In fact, I hated it. I thought I'd love being in maternity clothes but I really didn't. It was a very strange feeling.

I now feel like I am really at that in-between stage of my pregnancy. I have officially today hit the halfway mark (20 weeks). My pre-pregnancy clothes are getting rather tight but my bump is not yet big enough for proper maternity clothes.

Case in point - with my not unattractive in and of itself maternity frock, I was going to wear a pair of maternity leggings I purchased in the US - correct combo no? Unfortunately the leggings are really too big for me, rolling down over my stomach and falling down my legs. They are the correct size on the label but uncomfortable and far too big, considering I have reasonable bumpage going on already. I struggled into a pair of pre-pregnancy opaques instead - better tight than losing your leggings in the middle of Chatswood Chase, in my opinion. So despite feeling massive, I'm not actually big enough to be in maternity wear. The irony.

This in-between phase will likely end very soon. I'll fit properly into maternity clothes before I know it. It's really not the end of the world and no doubt I'll look back on the time fondly when I still made it into my favourite pre-pregnancy duds, albeit tenuously and only the ones with a lot of stretch. And honestly, I do feel a bit ungrateful after all we went through to get pregnant, complaining about feeling and looking pregnant. Silly really, isn't it?

Life goes on. In other news, Little Miss Kitty is now the proud owner of this fabulous cardi and hat set from Seed:

Inordinately expensive for baby gear but it was just so darn cute I couldn't pass it up. She'll look fab I think and it's so soft. I bought 6-12 months so she'll be getting around in it next winter.

Kitty xx


KittyCate said...

Congrats on your little girl! Gorgeous purchases. I think, no matter how much you long for a baby, pregnancy is a hard slog and mums are to be much respected and given foot massages and lots of chocolate :) I'm sure you look gorgeous pregnant xx

Clare said...

i'm jealous of your baby and it isn't even born yet.
so cute!!!!!!!

Semi Expat said...

Gorgeous leopardy bits for baby kitty (and one for you?!)Don't worry it won't be long before you look properly pregnant - the 'inbetweeny' stage will be gone before you know it.. .Enjoy every precious moment! X

The Mummy said...

Squeeeee that coat and hat are just too cute - I saw them yesterday at Seed, and had to use all my willpower to resist buying them (I was sensibly stocking up on $19.95 sale tops in the 1-2 size, how boring yet practical).

The in between stage is frustrating. So is the start stage (sick as a dog while you don't look pregnant, so no one knows!) and the very end stage (so enormous that all you wear are old cashmere jumpers and tracksuit pants. Maybe that's just me.).

The very best part, in my opinion, is the time from about week 20 - 35 (I showed early so was big at 20 weeks). It's such fun showing off the bump! I am hoping I'll get to see some photos soon ;)

I would also LOVE to see photos of some of your US baby haul...


Faux Fuchsia said...

Ok Stay Calm! You need black opaque maternity tights then you just cut the feet off- these are the best leggings. Did the frock arrive that I sent? I'm hoping it'll work with tan knee high boots, some scarves and blonde fur (Faux of course) jacket. I LOVE that leopard!!! I wonder if a boy could wear it?

Blighty said...

Congrats on reaching your 20 weeks - and loving all that leopardy goodness, your little girl is going to look so cute. Hope you are feeling well, just catching up on your new xx