Thursday, August 5, 2010


Day 29 of the spending ban and I accidentally bought something.

It's a doozy.

I was in town, catching up with some friends and I happened to walk past Mimco. It’s one of my biggest weaknesses. Statement Jewellery to die for. I took a detour in, just for old times sake (the necklaces clearly missed my bi-weekly visits). And there, in the cabinet, was the most divine necklace.

Made from strings of pearls with an art-deco inspired diamante clasp, it was absolutely me. Look at that clasp! The sparkly rondelles in between the pearls! Beautiful!

“It’s ok,” I told myself. “There will be loads of them. Plenty of time to get it after the spending ban finishes.”

“Oh no!” said the sales assistant. “This is the last one we have. It's been super popular. Not sure if we are getting any more in. No-one else in Sydney has any left.”


Suffice to say I walked out with the necklace. What’s 2 days between friends, after all? I lasted 28 days before falling off the wagon and that’s a pretty good achievement for a novice.

Back on the wagon tomorrow.



*misskitty* said...

Oh Miss Kitty-Cat - that necklace is justification enough for slipping off the shopping ban-wagon! so shiny and sparkly! I bet it looks absolutely gorgeous on too!

Miss Kitty-Cat said...

It is divine *misskitty*. Worth the whoops I think!

Not Quite Nigella said...

I know I'm not supposed to encourage it but that is stunning! I have a bracelet like it :) And yes hearing that it's sold out is so hard to resist!

CameronPoe2409 said...

The necklace is a great excuse for falling of the wagon, its beautiful!

Miss Kitty-Cat said...

It is lovely guys! It has a matching bracelet and earrings but the earrings are too big for me and I couldn't justify the bracelet AND the necklace...

flair to remember said...

Soo so stunning!! I'd almost want to wear it back to front! :D

What a way to start the spending again with this gorgeous trinket!! Swoon!!