Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dreaming of summer: Leona Edmiston S/S2010

So it's no secret that I have a big soft spot for Leona Edmiston (her outfits make up the majority of my wardrobe), and the Spring/Summer 2010 Frocks collection has a really amazing selection of gorgeous dresses. Some of my favourites include:

Darcy: It's probably my favourite Leona dress in quite a while. I love how the obi style sash and the red tie and the flare of the skirt combine to make a truly elegant look. I think this one is a definite purchase for this summer for me!

Jolene: I like how this one is a little more casual than Darcy - but the red, black and white is terribly chic for the office or a drink after work. I like the shape of the skirt too - it's fun and flirty and fabulous (as well as very flattering). The cap sleeve is good too - enough coverage for the office but not too much that you would feel hot.

Jasmine: How sexy is this dress? The plunging neckline, the smooth line of the skirt, the cross over back (which you can't see in this photo, but trust me, it's sublime)... It's the perfect evening dress and it even comes in black! Hmmm... Imagine this dress with a pair of gorgeous sparkly earrings and a silver clutch! I know that's how I'm seeing it!

Venus: va va va voom! This figure hugging dress is perfect for the office - it has enough coverage to remain modest but the shape that hugs the torso and skims the body down to the knees is so redolent of the 1960s... It makes me feel very like Joan Holloway. I admit I already have this one (in black) and get a lot of wear out of it. It also comes in red (jaffa), cobalt and navy. for those of us who are not colour averse.

Madeline: The soft neckline of this dress is perfect for those of us who are more than amply endowed. It draws the eye to the centre of the torso and makes for a truly elegant dress. It comes in black and watermelon (the bows) but I wish it came in other colours too - black and lavender or jade would be gorgeous for the summer and purple and green were very big in the northern hemisphere for summer... hint! hint!

Lea: Speaking of purple and green, this dress would be perfect for a day at the races or a summer wedding. I love the shape - it's so elegant and I can't wait to try it on. it's so pretty and floral and summery and so unique!

The new season collection is in stores now and dresses will be dropped gradually throughout the season. You can view the entire collection at http://www.leonaedmiston.com/southernhemisphere.html. Check out the Northern Hemisphere collection while you are there - there are some subtle differences in style to compensate for the impending winter.

So which is your favourite frock from the collection?



Unknown said...

I absolutely love the Lea dress! It's so Betty Draper! :D

Miss Kitty-Cat said...

Milton - I completely agree with you. So Betty Draper!

Girl Friday said...

I really love the Harley - pity its silk, I always feel over-dressed at the office in silk.

ParisandPearls said...

I really love the Madeline, cute shape and oh so flattering!

Miss Kitty-Cat said...

EJ - I agree with you. Silk dresses are hard to wear. They are much more "going out" kind of dresses. Or perhaps a garden party dress?

P&P - The Madeline is super flattering on... Just wish the trim came in other colours!

Anonymous said...

My favourite dress is the Lea, the print is gorgeous!

I also love the Jasmine, very sexy! I think Mr Curious will approve.

Anonymous said...

The Lea is gorgeous! I have a wedding to go to in December so I *might* just try it on and see how it goes.

Maxabella said...

Yes, yes, yes. These are divine. I can see myself in the Madeleine and the Darcy. So flattering. Makes me more determined than ever to stick to Phase 159 of my 20 year diet LOL. x

Anonymous said...

Love love love everything Leona Edmiston! SO glad to have found your blog. My new favourite (it makes me smile as it is in my closest right now) is the Panthea Panel in navy! But so many on my wish list. I also picked up a cute number at the Prahran Leona Vintage store yesterday ;)