Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The end of an era: Goodbye my baby girl...

Today we made a big decision. We decided to stop breastfeeding.

It's been a wonderful, rocky, topsy turvy journey for the both of us. We have shared so much over the last nine and a bit months. In the beginning I would never have imagined I would get this far. Awake at 3am with a screaming hungry baby, raging mastitis and no sleep... Now we have a thriving, happy, healthy little girl. No longer that tiny baby.

But the boobs seem to have lost their appeal. And with your lack of interest, my milk has dried up. Our breastfeeding journey has come to an end, and with that, we have reached a new milestone. You no longer require me for food. You have grown up again, before my very eyes. In some respects I am sad - I treasured those precious moments we shared together. Just the two of us. Even in the middle of the night. You needed your Mama and now... Well, anyone can give you your bottle. So many emotions and mixed feelings about what has happened, my little girl.

After the rocky start we had, I am truly surprised we got this far. As much as I had mixed emotions about continuing to breastfeed after the horrible start we had, you enjoyed it so much I couldn't not continue. But now it's been your choice to wean I feel I have done the best I can to prepare you for what lies ahead. I'm sad that you no longer need me in the same way but there is an incredible sense of freedom for the two of us now. I can leave you without feeling guilty that I take your food with me. And as much as I am sad about one chapter ending, it's the beginning of a new one for the both of us. I can help you foster your independence a little as you grow and thrive.

I love you more than anything, my little one. Today was a big step for us and you continue to astound me with the way you sail though life, every new day bringing a new development and achievement. You are our world and our centre and we love you so very much.

Mumma xx


Anonymous said...

This is so beautiful - I can really relate.

Not Quite Nigella said...

How sweet! :) And your gorgeous baby girl is now into her next step in life-still holding your hand though! :)

Sammie said...

I still struggle that I have also just stopped.
We did our best and gave our girls the best start to life we could.
Well done on raising a little lovely lady.

Red Phoenix Style by Willow and Lotus Phoenix said...

Congrats on another milestone and hope the next ones are just as natural and easy for you both. L xx

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about this being a difficult but big step. You've done marvellously to have breastfed for so long and I still remember feeling upset about my little one not relying on me for food anymore. But it's great to have your body back as well! x