Friday, July 6, 2012

Silver shiny dresses... Oh so shiny!

I've always been a silver fan - not much into gold. I wear silver (or white gold) jewellery and often find myself gravitating towards the steely shade for accessories and shoes. For me, silver is the ultimate neutral.

And when it comes to clothing, there is nothing better than a sparkly sequined silver dress, and with the weather being so glum here in Sydney, it certainly brightens up the day (or evening, as it were). You'll certainly be a standout, no matter where you choose to drink, dine or dance, in one of these spectacular numbers.

This divine YSL dress could take you from boardroom to bar with ease and grace. Throw a blazer over the top and you have work appropriate attire. Add a pair of sandals and a glamerous evening beckons. And the best news? It's on sale at The Outnet. Just 780 pounds and it could be yours.

I've always been a fan of the beautiful, languid curves of Vivienne Westwood's clothes and this dress is stunning. Just gorgeous. Covered in silver sequins, the draping skims and flatters a woman's curves. It's a delight. Net-a-Porter: 2,626 pounds. Yes, it's pricey, but you'll feel like a queen in all her corseted glory. It would match divinely with a tiara...

Who said you need to reveal lots of skin to be sexy? Pair this high necked beauty with a pair of black pumps and let it speak for itself. Okay, so there isn't much in the way of a back, but from the front, it's demure and elegant. A dress that constantly surprised. 965 pounds from The Outnet and this KaufmanFranco slip is yours.

 Diane Von Fursenburg is no stranger to glamour and with this fabulous frock - an evening take on her ubiquitous wrap dress - she has come up trumps yet again. This liquid silver sheath will shimmer and shine it's way through any occasion. Plus, it's on sale - 511 pounds from Matches Fashion.

Let's look at a more budget friendly option. Isabelle Oliver saw me through many a pregnancy event with her lovely dresses and also makes divine options for the non-pregnant lady. I am very keen on this dress - a little cleavage, a little leg and a whole lot of sparkle. And it's on sale - $290.50 at Isabelle Oliver.  They also do a maternity tunic version which is also currently on sale, for those in the need of such an item.

Are you a fan of silver, or are you more of a golden girl?

Kitty xx


Brasilian_Babe said...

Miss Kitty-Cat. You have outstanding taste. Love all the dresses you listed. :)

Miss Kitty-Cat said...

Why thank you BB! I just wish I had the location or occasion to wear even one of these dresses!

K xx

A Farmer's Wife said...

Oh - pretty sparkles. Love the DVF one particularly.

Miss Kitty-Cat said...

I love it too, but I think my favourite is the Vivienne Westwood one. So gorgeous!

K xx

AliceHarold said...

That Isabelle Oliver dress - so tempting!! Can't wait to see what you wear to Josh and Erin's wedding in September xx

Miss Kitty-Cat said...

It's very tempting, but I don't do above the knee whatsoever... As to the wedding attire, I still haven't made my mind up. It has to travel well though so something that can't be crushed will be on the agenda.

I am mostly angsting over the shoes. I think I am going to need to wear tights because of the weather but most of my most beautiful shoes are sandals. Dilemma.

K xx