Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Georgina: Nine months

My dearest darling daughter,

How much you have grown in the last three months. And we have done so much since our last update. We've had our first overseas trip which went well (although it had it's own challenges) and another trip to Melbourne and Castlemaine to visit your grandparents. You are becoming a regular seasoned traveller and adapt so well to new environments.

You are now 9 months old. Three quarters of a year. I know I say this all the time but how the time has flown. I blink and you grow. Almost overnight. Sometimes actually overnight. Your hair is getting longer and longer and I could almost put it into piggy tails. If only you would sit still to let me...

You continue to astound us with your cheeky personality and your winning smile. And now you have four little teeth that you like to show off at every opportunity with your lovely grin. It's made breastfeeding challenging but we take each day at a time at the moment.

You have such a sunny disposition - it's very unusual for you to be upset, but when you are you let us know. We have survived your first cold - just! We were a horrid snotty mess for almost a week but we came through the other side in one piece. You were very snuggly for a while there and while the cold wasn't fun I took advantage of the cuddles at every opportunity.

Your eating continues to get better and better - you have tried a wide range of foods and have definite likes and dislikes: on the list of loves we have lamb, chicken, sweet potatoes, cheese, yoghurt, eggs and green beans. Cruskits and cream cheese or avocado are a regular favourite of yours and your eyes light up when you see me pull the box out of the cupboard. You also like rice and rissoni as we attempt to put a bit of texture in your meals.You aren't a fan of capsicum and zucchini at this point but we are working on it. You adore feeding yourself and now you have four teeth it's getting easier and easier for you. Mealtimes are less of a chore now for everyone but peekaboo often gets a good workout and at dinner we sometimes have to sing and play music to help things along.

Your biggest achievement in the last few months has definitely been learning to crawl. The day you turned 8 months you went from sitting to zipping around on all fours. You had been threatening to do it for a while and just took off. And you are so pleased with yourself - a smile is never far from your face when you are making your way around under your own steam. Nothing is safe from your grasp - especially not the cats! They are learning that the hard way...

You are also more vocal, our Georgie-girl: you babble non stop to anyone who will listen and have the most fascinating conversations. I'm not sure what about but you are so expressive. I swear you have started to say Daddy but are no closer to uttering the all important Mummy... I look forward to having our little special chats.

You are definitely a reader - your favourite is definitely "Where is the Green Sheep?" by Mem Fox. You are getting really good at turning the pages and giggle uncontrollably at the storyline. I cherish our reading time every day. You love books so much it's gorgeous watching you discover new worlds through stories.

Dearest darling baby girl, I can't believe how our time together is flying. You no longer resemble the baby we brought home nine whole months ago. You have changed so much - have developed the sweetest most happy personality and you love exploring your new world. It's a privilege being your Mumma and every day is exciting for us. I can't wait to see what the next few months brings us.

Happy 9 month birthday our gorgeous baby girl. We love you so very much.

Your Mumma xx


KittyCate said...

I love these posts so, so much
G is just gorgeous hun, she makes me melt xx

AliceHarold said...

I remember Erin telling me her sister was expecting and it feels like years and years ago - how is Georgie 9 months already? We can't wait to meet her xx

Clare said...

She is seriously the cutest baby ever. Glad to see she's keeping you entertained ;)

Miss Kitty-Cat said...

Kitty-cate, I try not to post too much about her. Otherwise this just turns into a Georgie fest and as much as I love her more than anything and everything, I like other things too. She makes me melt too - she has the most gorgeous smile and she works it.

Alice, I can't believe it either. She's been out longer than she was in. That's a big milestone for us. I can't wait to meet you all too. Not long to go now!

Clare, she's pretty darn cute, but then again I have to say that - I'm her mamma!

K xx

Sammie said...

Cute! Time has just flown! Abi crawled the day she turned 8 mths too!

Not Quite Nigella said...

I hope this isn't going to sound too gushy but Georgina really is the most adorable tot. That second photo of her just puts a smile on my face every time I see it. She is a most photogenic and cherubic lil' lass!