Thursday, July 19, 2012

Python shoesies

How divine are these shoes?

If you have a size 39 foot, these beauties could be yours. Unfortunately you would also have to live in the UK as they won't ship to Australia but to be honest I'd make that sacrifice to own these gorgeous shoes. I have been eyeing them off for ages but they just don't fit my current lifestyle and I couldn't really justify paying full price for them. And by the time they came on sale my size was gone.

So someone needs to buy them for me. Any takers?

Kitty x


Kacie Bear said...

I came across your blog and you have compelled me to comment... I came across a very similar pair of shoes today, Stuart Weiztman, on their web site on sale for less then $200 (half price). Go on!

Miss Kitty-Cat said...

Oooh - Kacie! Which ones?

K xx

Kacie Bear said...

Oh no, already gone!!

Kacie Bear said...

I lie:

Not quite Miu Miu but still... A nice substitute!