Saturday, March 10, 2012

New dresses for Baby G: A shout out to my readers!

Before she was born, I bought some beautiful Liberty print material from Patchwork on Central Park in Melbourne with the intention of having some little dresses made for her. She's now almost 5 months old and... Well, no progress on that front! Like many things, it has been pushed to the back of the drawer, dragged out this week when she grew another size. Again.

These are the fabrics I have:

Betsey J Tana Lawn

Ros A

Aren't they beautiful? I wanted more but drew the line at these two. For the moment.

If anyone out there in blogland can help me with recommendations on what to do with the fabric and - more importantly - someone who can make them for me, then please let me know. My usual dress making lady in town has gone AWOL...



Maxabella said...

Oh they are so lovely!

My friends at A Textured Leaf or Fox's Lane could sort those fabrics right out for you... x

Marnie said...

Nice fabric but ridiculously expensive and over the top if going to be made into baby's attire. Ever heard of Spotlight?

Miss Kitty-Cat said...

Maxabella - thanks for the recommendations! Will look into it!

Marnie - The dresses will be for a special occasion, hence I wanted special fabric. I had a Liberty fabric dress as a little one and have very fond memories of it and want to share that with my daughter. Thanks for your comment, however I don't pass judgements on how others spend their money so appreciate the same courtesy. I have heard of spotlight (surprise!) but I also like to support small local stores like Patchwork and artisan producers. I also tend to buy good quality and less of it.

K xx

The Mummy said...

Oh lordy, how ridiculous - I do love those sort of comments though, you have to laugh. Miss K-C, you are SO wasteful, buying fabric and having a dress made. I can't imagine how much those little pieces of fabric cost - probably nearly as much as a couple of movie tickets! You big spender!

Please do have them made into some little frocks - my mother splashed out on a few beautiful dresses when I was small, they cost her a lot at the time, but have been worn by myself, my sister, three cousins and Tabitha. On a cost-per-wear, they have been much cheaper (and prettier and more treasured) than a cheap made-in-China-by-children dress from a cheap store.

By the way - Spotlight is slowly but surely putting some of the most beautiful shops (little 50-year old wool shops, dressmaking shops etc) out of business in Australia. I'm so glad you put your dollars into supporting smaller retailers!