Saturday, March 3, 2012

Mini me.

I don't really "do" the mother daughter matching clothing thing. Occasionally I'll wear stripes (aka nautical) if the Little Bird is wearing them but more often than not I'll forget until we are at our destination that I had something in my wardrobe that would have gone perfectly with her outfit. But when I saw these two items I almost couldn't resist.

The first is from Sussan and is $149.95. Inconveniently, free shipping is only available for purchases over $150.
The "mini me" version is from Country Road and is $59.95 (delivery is $10).

It's just too cute but I'm just not sure if I am a fake fur vest kind of person... I think I might have to check it out in person before making a decision.


1 comment:

Sammie said...

I so want a faux faur vest for winter!!!
I'll have to check out the Sussan one later next week!
Abi has a white/cream faux vest from Seed that I bought the moment I found out I was having a girl!!! I can't wait till it fits!!! And in the middle of winter I am sure that it will!!!!