Thursday, March 1, 2012

Daytime dreaming: Marchesa

I don't have anywhere to wear this. Nowhere at all. I can't even make up a place to wear it. But I want it so desperately there are no words. It's Marchesa and a mind-blowing $7,500. For a dress.

I still want it. Stunning. I even have the perfect pair of shoes and handbag.

Look at this detailing.

Sigh. I need to find a hobby... One that doesn't involve so much cash.



Purple Pixie said...

It is beautiful. Could you maybe look at getting it made? Or just getting the top bit made and a shurg piece almost? Then you could wear it over many dresses!

Do you ever post outfit photos? I would love to see how you style outfits - you seem to have great taste :)

Anonymous said...

That is a stunning dress indeed!

There are so many lemmings on NAP, many are impractical (and way too expensive!) but my gosh it's a feast for the eyes.