Saturday, November 27, 2010

One Month till Christmas...

Give or take a few days!

Apologies for my absence this week but the new job has gotten the better of me. We had a launch on Tuesday that went exceedingly well but as a consequence there have been a lot of longer days for Miss Kitty in the office.

I love being back in town. I love feeling useful again and the work is interesting. I adore the people and the money is very handy. Particularly when you shop like I do.

What I don't like about going back to work: early starts is probably the number one thing, although it seems like I am a little more of an early bird than many of my colleagues. I also don't like being away from Mr Kitty and the little kitties. I miss my gym classes and having heaps of free time.

But it's not forever (just a couple of months) and the pros definitely outweigh the cons.

With just three working weeks left before I am on holidays again, I have had to make lots of lists for things to do on weekends so I make sure I can get everything done before I leave. The main thing is the cooking - I like to bake Christmas biscuits for colleagues and friends and I do want to make sure I have time to finish before I head to my parents. I have sorted out the wrapping arrangements (boxes, bags, cellophane, ribbon, tags etc.) and will do the bulk of the baking next weekend. I have set aside Sunday to make cinnadoodles, yo yos and jam drops.

I have to say it's hard to go back to scheduling my time off on weekends. I very much got used to doing anything I wanted at any time. It's a hard thing to get accustomed to but it has made me appreciate the time I do have off. And it means I am certainly more thrifty with my time - decisions are made faster, less dithering, in all I am far more efficient than I was a few weeks ago.

I have finished all my Christmas shopping and now just have to think about wrapping it and mailing a few things!

I'll try and be a bit more regular with the posts this weeks!

Stay tuned!

Kitty xx


Not Quite Nigella said...

Have fun making the cinadoodles-they were such a hit when I made them for Mr NQN's colleagues. You might get second requests for them! ;)

TheStylishShoeGirl said...

I know exactly how you feel, getting back into working long hours is always hard to adjust to, but the money is great!
Will you show us photos of your lovely sounding baked goodies?

Miss Kitty-Cat said...

Cinnadoodles are Mr Kitty's favourite, Lorraine. I am making them on his request!

Oh Stylish-one - I will definitely be sharing pictures of my creations! I have gone to a great deal of trouble with the wrapping this year so I can't wait to put them together!