Saturday, November 6, 2010

Country Road... Take me home...

I've been using the same mug since my 21st birthday. That's a lot of years. It's a great mug - it's weighty, seemingly chip resistant and it holds the right amount of tea. It is, in fact, a Country Road Mug of old.

Fast forward, well, a decade and a bit and I really think I need to replace it. It's in perfect condition and I won't be throwing it out, but sometimes you need a breath of fresh air. So it was no surprise that I looked at Country Road for it's replacement. And that's where I found it.

I had a little bit of trouble deciding which colour and pattern to get from the vast array in store, but given my love for all things pale green, I decided on this one:

The Bistro Ribbon Mug in green ($7.95). And of course I bought the matching bowl ($7.95)! I love all things matching!

I trialled it yesterday morning and it's an absolute winner. Perfect size, weight and the handle is in a really comfortable spot to nestle your tea in your little mittens. The bowl is perfect for cereal or a good serve of porridge - as the bears would say: not too big, not too small, but just right! We liked them so much that we went back and bought a set today in red, blue and yellow to add to the collection.

Whilst the lovely sales assistant was wrapping them up for me, I had a mosey around the rest of the homewares section. There is some seriously good stuff in store at the moment - great vases, serving dishes, photo frames, cushions... So many perfect Christmas gifts! I basically had to be dragged out before I spent far too much...

But I think I'll be back. And soon!



Not Quite Nigella said...

The weight and size is very important as is how well things match! Nice score!

Ms Curious @ CCM said...

Very nice, the green is perfect for summer.

Lizeylou said...

I saw these and love them too ... And I agree, everything has to match!