Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wednesday: Three things I want...

Hello chickens!

A brief post this Wednesday. Here are three things I really want right now and have put on my list of items to covet:

A Tiffany Key

I have wanted one of these since they came out. I was close to buying one last year when I was in the US but they didn't have the exact chain I wanted and I was hesitant to buy it without seeing it on the chain first. So I didn't. Now I am going back to the US I want to buy one. It's much cheaper to buy over there than in Australia.

Some people might think they are fashionable rather than classic, but I get a lot of wear out of my other Tiffany jewellery so it's something I think is a worthwhile investment. For me anyway. I am planning to put it on an uber long chain. Swishy.

A silver handbag

A disclaimer - I actually already have a silver handbag but it's so pretty I feel I need another. I also didn't take care of the first one very well because I used it every day and the silver leather marks far easier than regular black leather so it's starting to look a bit worn. It's a silver leather Furla Bowling Bag and it is Fabulous. This time I want a slouchy shoulder bag, I think.

I think metallics are the new nude. So versatile.

I like this bag:It's a Burberry Prorsum Bag, available from Net-a-Porter (my shopping Mecca). And I love that it has little fringes - the texture is really cute. Pity about the price (it's a bit more than I wanted to spend right now) but I will keep looking I think... You never know.

Halston Heritage dress

How HOT is this dress? It is AMAZING. Chic chic! Tis very Talitha Getty. I'm SURE Rachael Zoe would approve. It's from Net-a-Porter.

Unfortunately this is the one thing on the list that I want but I probably won't get - although it would very much suit my imagined dream of "a lady who lunches" which I hope to enact once my retirement comes about, I don't think it's particularly practical. Not for cleaning out cupboards and meeting with builders anyway. It's more a cocktail by the pool with friends look.

What are some of the things you are after, my pretties?

Kitty xx


Ms Curious said...

The bag is hot Kitty!

And the "cocktail by teh pool with friends" can't be THAT far away right?

Faux Fuchsia said...

I want to get my mitts on some more Pucci frocks, and I'd like a Nanette Lepore velvet jacket and purple velvet baby doll dress. I like that green dress, it is very attractive.

Miss Kitty-Cat said...

Pucci is so stunning. I love it! And Nanette Lepore is so chic! The green dress is calling my name, I fear. I'm glad it has finally sold out! I will be looking for it in the US when I go in May.

City Soliloquy said...

That dress is such a knockout wow! And it's in my favorite colour. I guess I'll get back to dreaming!

Oh and I love the keys. I actually liked the little $180 ones, but as I have expensive taste too I started gravitating towards to expensive ones. I should never go on Tiffany's I always end up doing the engagement ring selector - yeesh!