Monday, March 8, 2010

Oscars Fashion

Ahhh - the Academy Awards. How I love a good red carpet frock, and this year's Oscars were certainly up to par with previous occasions. There were some stunners and shockers and a lot of in between.

So, in true Kitty tradition, who do I think were the best and the worst dressed? This is by no means an exhaustive list - in fact I have limited myself to 5 of each, which was a real struggle.

The best of the best

Cameron Diaz

I'm not normally a huge fan of Le Cameron, but tonight she is definitely one of the most stunning women on the red carpet. Her hair, her divine Oscar de la Renta dress, her simple accessories all worked beautifully. She shimmers like the golden girl she is. The message is not lost on us Rachel Zoe.

Carey Mulligan

I recently saw An Education on a plane. It was the best film I have seen in a very long time (better than Avatar, even). And Carey was miraculous in the film - truly stunning. Her Oscars look really represents who she is - her style is truly her own and it is fabulous. the prada dress is quirky yet stylish and fun. She is one to watch for the future, ladies.

Helen Mirren

This woman doesn't do bad red carpet. She always looks amazing, and age appropriate. Her hair is always immaculate, her makeup understated. She is magnificent.

Vera Farmigia

This dress had mixed reviews from the pundits. I loved it. It's interesting, colourful and I adore the texture. It's a brave choice and it pays off. She let the dress speak and kept the accessories minimal. The colour and shape reminds me of the Galliano dress that Cameron Diaz wore to the Costume Institute Gala. Marchesa is usually a safe bet for red carpet.

Mariska Hargitay

This is one seriously under-rated red carpet dresser. Her look is always polished and classic, whilst still retaining that sexy edge. Her hair is perfect, her jewellery minimal. It's all good. and she deserves a place on this list, if only for repeat services rendered to the red carpet over a number of years.

I did toy with putting Tina Fey in the number 5 position on this list, but i really think that she under-did the accessories just a fraction... It's a very fine line. Some people have said she lost her nerve after the reaction to her dress at the golden Globes, but I think she was just playing it a bit safer - the Oscars are a more formal occasion after all.

People who need help


Are you serious? I wonder about the mirrors at this lady's house, I really do. In what universe does a padded dress seem appropriate for a woman with a booty? Massive fail - worst dress of the night. Easily. Hair bad too.

Charlize Theron

In essence, this isn't a bad dress. It's just the tacky detailing that makes this one a no for me. Sad because the colour is pretty and frankly she would look good in a garbage bag. It's more disappointment from me because she can do so much better.

Zoe Saldana

I don't care what the Na'vi wear, this is hideous. the seams aren't flat, the ruffles are prom dress circa 1984 and the less said about the rhinestones the better. it's like the designer (Givenchy, if you are interested) threw together all the elements he knew from red carpet dressing into the one dress. Clumsy and ugly.

Deborah Ann Woll

I don't really know who this actress is (I looked her up and she is in True blood) but she sure made an impact on me, and not for the right reasons. This dress is all kinds of wrong - it makes her round shouldered and the colour is truly bad on her. It makes her look flat chested. The pleating is bad. Just all bad. It hurts my eyes. The less said about the make-up the better.

Chanel Couture

My last entrant in the worst dressed category is actually a tie between Diane Kruger and Sarah Jessica Parker. They both wore Chanel Couture so I think it's appropriate. both women are better dressers than this and their choices were disappointing. SJP's dress had absolutely no shape and the colour was all wrong on her. She wore too much eye make up. Diane's dress was too frilly in the wrong places which made it very unflattering to her toosh and she didn't wear enough make up to carry off the light colour. Her hair was too flat. Sad but true. Get a stylist girls - you might not think you need one but these pictures would disagree.

So those are my picks. Do you agree? Disagree? who were your faves and fails?

Kitty xx

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Sydney Shop Girl said...

Thanks for the wrap up!

I agree, Cameron looks gorgeous - I wonder if Rachel Zoe was involved?

And yes, SJP's look wasn't my thing either. Such a shame. She usually has excellent taste.

The dress JLo was wearing was a disaster, especially at that angle.

SSG xxx

Elise said...

I agree for the most part - except SJP is going on my best dressed list. I thought it was really different and she pulled it off.

Miss Kitty-Cat said...

It was just too underwear like for my taste, Elise... and it did nothing for her figure at all. but that's just my opinion ;) who else did you like?

SSG - RZ normally styles le Cameron for red carpet so I am guessing yes. And it was a good one too. apparently she also styled for Demi, but I thought it was a little too same same. She always seems to wear nude layered chiffon, usually Marchesa to these kinds of things. Snoozefest.

Ms Curious said...

Kitty, you inspired me to post about the Oscars HERE

Not a big fan of Cameron's dress actually, someone said she "stole Taylor Swift's sparkly dress" and I agree.

I like Mariska's dress too.

And I don't mind Zoe Saldana's dress, it's a bit of silly fun.

Elise said...

I've done a post too and have all my likes on it. I've got a few! I still like SJP's dress - I can't take my eyes off it. (but yes maybe it is a bit night gownish).

Miss Kitty-Cat said...

SSG - looks like Le Zoe was responsible for Cameron's look:

Not Quite Nigella said...

I liked the back of SJP's dress but not the front (and the wispy hair was really lost on me). I thought the dresses were mostly very safe though. I like the Emmys and GG as they usually get a bit more creative (or crazy :P ) there! :)

Anonymous said...

I didn't mind JLo's dress - I think she has a curvy figure and she wanted to emphasise all the features people seem to think she should be hiding... Good on her.

Anonymous said...

Also, WHERE IS SANDY??? I loved Sandra Bullock's dress.

Miss Kitty-Cat said...

I have seen better examples of a booty emphasising dress on J-Lo. A padded quilted dress is not among them. Plus her hair was a mess and the colour was all wrong. Re Sandy, I thought it was nice but it wasn't all that. Certainly not good enough for my top 5!

NQN - I agree - I think people tend to play it safer at the Oscars. Whilst I like the traditional formal red carpet look, I think other awards ceremonies encourage more individual dressing!

Flit About said...

Oh, a worst dressed list, I wish I had that in my Oscar post! Love it! Anyway, Mariah Carey would win the prize for worst dressed. No competition there. She did tacky AGAIN.
On the SJP dress, I am undecided. I like the how the band on the top meets the dress on the back. Actually, I like the top half of the dress. Have you seen a photo of her from behind? It must have been hell for her to sit through the night on that ball of crystals/sequins..whatever it is. Her hair is beautiful, though!

Miss Kitty-Cat said...

Hi Flit! Welcome! I actually enjoyed the worst dressed bit as much as the best dressed bit!! I didn't mind Mariah's dress... Until I saw the whacking great split up the leg. Just ruined it again... She was so close to being classy.

City Soliloquy said...

Cameron was my favorite, pure glamour!

Carey Mulligan looked adorable and her dress was full of character. The day after the Oscars I was reading some of the Daily Mail comments on the dresses and many people thought hers was a boring choice but I think you need to see the dress at a good angle to really appreciate it.

Helen Mirren is beautiful and I hope to the heavens I look like that when I'm of a certain age.

Zoe's was the worst of the worst, I'm not sure how someone could convince her to don that for a red carpet event.
Worst make-up of the night SJP for sure, she looked zombified and in need of a good 8 hours.