Thursday, March 4, 2010


So here we are in lazy old Phuket... It's not a bad place to while away a week or so, but I have to admit it's not going to be somewhere we revisit anytime soon. Mr Kitty and I are rather fond of our trips to Bali, if only for the spectacular food and the good ceramics shopping at Jenggala amongst other things.

But we have really liked our trip so far. We were lucky enough to stay at an amazing resort for the first three nights of our trip - The Paresa at Kamala which was just breathtaking. We had a spectacular suite on the very top of a cliff with a private pool and sea views. Promise to post pictures later once I manage to get them off the camera!

This place gets a massive thumbs up from me. The rooms are divine, the food is spectacular and the service is second to none. if you do manage to make it to Phuket, I highly recommend you stay here. Sell things to stay here, people.

Our second villa, whilst still very nice, isn't quite as impressive as the first. Villa Zolitude is not beachfront (we knew that and were fine with it) but once you have stayed at the Paresa it's very hard to go anywhere else I think! Having said that, it's still pretty awesome - we have a hilltop villa with a private infinity pool and one of those massive egg shaped terrazzo baths. Bliss.

On the shopping front I have to say I have been thoroughly disappointed. Despite finding a couple of rather good shopping malls I still haven't bought anything close to my usual haul. The sum total of purchases to date includes some Christmas presents for relatives, a beach bag and sarong from Jim Thompson and a string of beautiful large egg shaped pearls that Mr Kitty bought me, kind man that he is. and not only did he buy them for me, he spent a full hour traipsing around one of those massive "wholesale" jewellery showrooms the size of a football field to find it with me. He really is a keeper.

Tonight we are off to The Boathouse for dinner, a restaurant that overlooks Kata Beach. I am looking forward to dinner and whilst I have had a nice time here on holidays, I am very much looking forward to getting home and seeing my kitties. no doubt gorgeous Millie will have grown and i'm sure Grumpy Max will be pleased to get back to his favourite sleeping place!

Will revert with photos of my escapade soon!

Kitty xx

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