Monday, March 29, 2010

Date night: Kyushu in Neutral Bay

Once a fortnight, Mr Kitty and I go out for Date Night. We go to the same Japanese restaurant in Neutral Bay that we have been going to since we first started dating. The decor isn't great, it's noisy, busy and they turn tables over with breathtaking speed, but the food is sensational. Oh yes, mark my words, you definitely go there for the food. In fact my parents often like to eat here twice when they visit Sydney - it's that good!

Kyushu is located on Grosvenor Street, around the corner from the Oaks (and for anyone who has hunted for wedding dresses in Sydney, a few doors down from the Vera Wang Lady). It's in the bottom of a office building - it doesn't look particularly authentic from the outside. You do need to book - occasionally you can get away with not booking if you come really early and you are prepared to eat at the bar, but my tip is to book - as far in advance as possible!

Mr Kitty and I usually order the same things - or slight variations of the same things. We will always start with the endamame, and then he will usually have the seafood salad and I'll have the spicy tuna rolls. We'll also get some tuna and kingfish nigiri. Occasionally we'll get the gyoza or the fish kara age as a special treat.

For mains we usually stick to the best on the menu - the teriyaki beef. It's sublime. Best I have ever had. However last Friday we opted to only have a few appetisers (sushi and endamame) and instead went the whole hog and ordered the Tonkatsu as well as the beef! Tonkatsu is the Japanese version of schnitzel with BBQ sauce - the thick pork fillet is marinated and then crumbed and deep fried. It's absolute heaven. Calorific, but really good for a treat.

Kyushu Japanese Restaurant

9-11 Grosvenor Street
Neutral Bay 2089
Ph: 02 9953 8272 (be persistant - the phone line is often busy)

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