Monday, January 7, 2013

Project Nada

So - Project Nada. I ended up getting so close to my goal... 6 days before Christmas, Little Miss G and I were at Chatswood with my lovely friend Anna and I thought I would pop into Leona. Y'know. Just because. It's pretty in there and all.

Big Mistake - for Project N, that is...

I have been lusting after this dress for ages, but $500 is honestly a bit spenny for a Stay at Home Mumma whose pride and joy is currently two pairs of GAP track pants. On rotation. So when I saw it on sale, my interest was piqued... And then I saw they had my size... Well, I just had to try it on. And while I was ooohing and aaaahing and contemplating whether I would buy it, the person next in the queue for the change rooms said:

"If you don't buy it, I will."


I have some significant events coming up - my birthday, Mr K's birthday, our 5th wedding anniversary - so I know it will get some wear. It also helps that the dress is called Georgie. Serendipity, I said.

Mr K didn't think so.

Oh well, better luck next time.



Sammie said...

it was meant to be!

Miss Kitty-Cat said...

I think so, Sammie. Worth breaking the project I think!

Hope all is well with you - I miss your updates but mine are also few and far between at the moment...

Kitty xx

Maxabella said...

It's lovely - project N be damned. Some things are just necessary. x

Donna said...

Serendipity indeed!

Sammie - I also miss your updates. Hope all is well with you and your family x

Amanda said...

Gorgeous dress I love it :)
Please check out my blog and enter my competition.

Amanda xo