Saturday, January 21, 2012


Red Phoenix Emporium recently released their 2012 Summer "Pop" Collection - and I have to say I am struggling to choose my favourite piece. Really struggling. There are so many gorgeous necklaces in this collection and given my currently lifestyle, I can only really justify buying one at the moment... Well, maybe two...

Return of the Audrey features beautiful white baroque pearls, black faceted agate, crystal cubes, and smoky quartz. It's elegant, stylish and chic, but I wonder if it would life the monotony of my all black wardrobe?

Everything's Peachy features beautiful rose jade beads, crystal and white faceted agate and would be perfect for summer. However, given summer hasn't really arrived in Sydney (it's thunderstorming as I write this in my woollen cardigan) I'm not sure I'll get the wear out of this one, beautiful though it is. On the flipside, maybe I can manifest summer by wearing it?

The I'm a Sydney Shop Girl Too necklace is a special collaboration with the popular and ever so stylish blogger Sydney Shop Girl. Featuring shiny faceted navy agate, crystal cubes and baroque freshwater pearls, it can be worn long or as a short double strand necklace using the joiner clasp provided. It would be perfect worn with a nautical theme, which is oh so popular at the moment.

The Party like it's 1920 necklace features black and white smooth round agate and Chinese turquoise four petal cherry blossom flowers. You can wear this necklace wrapped twice around your neck or long, flapper style. I love the turquoise and really think you can dress this up or down.

The Crystals are Forever necklace is gorgeous. Featuring a triple strand of crystals, I could see myself getting a lot of wear from this one. It's trans-seasonal, and like diamonds, goes with everything. It reminds me of large chunks of ice strung around your neck. Very Bond Girl.

So... I'm thinking that perhaps The I'm a Sydney Shop Girl Too necklace might be my favourite... But there are still contenders. I think it'll have to ponder my decision a little further... Or maybe just buy them all...

What do you think?


PS: You can enter the giveaway for the I'm a Sydney Shop Girl Too necklace over at SSG's Blog. In the words of the Immortal Faux Fuchsia, run, don't walk people!


Red Phoenix Style by Willow and Lotus Phoenix said...

You're a darl - thanks for the lovely review of our new Pop Collection! I agree that the Crystals are Forever is very versatile and a good choice. Next stop would def be a splash of colour as well! We have your entry in the competition - good luck!


Sydney Shop Girl said...

Fabulous review!

Love your work.

SSG xxx

Semi Expat said...

Well they do all look wonderful! What's a girl to do?! Think the SSG one is abulous though with your colouring. THanks so much for your lovely comment and am very happy to share my birthday with lovely Ms. G's Auntie! Happy weekend. x

Semi Expat said...

Sorry, that should of course be Fabulous!