Sunday, October 30, 2011

Georgie: the early days

A couple of very quick photos from Georgie's first weeks for you all. I can't believe how much she has already changed from when she was a newborn. She's lost that puffy newborn-ness and it starting to look like a real individual and she's only two weeks old.

35 hours of sporadic labour. It does bad things to your hair, people.

Snuggles with Granny. It's a wonder anyone else got a look in! There is already a special bond between these two extraordinary ladies, and I see much spoiling in Baby G's future...

Snuggled in Daddy's arms. She spends lots of time there.

What's that?? There's a sale? I'll just try and make my way out of this blanket and we can go!


Baby G's first car ride. She slept the entire way home from the hospital. Awesome.

Some people might say wind - I say early smiles. You be the judge.

I don't like mittens!! But I refuse to stop scratching my face! I desperately wanted to get her in this outfit - it is almost too small for her. That'll teach me for buying 0000 sized clothing for a 9 pound baby!

K xx


Maryke said...

Such a sweetie! Love her outfit in the 'smiling' photo :) Thanks for sharing!

Semi Expat said...

She is so adorable and all that lovely dark hair too! You must all be over the moon. xx

Anonymous said...

Aww she's beautiful! Congratulations Miss Kitty Cat, she's just divine! :D x

Sammie said...

9 pounder! OUCH!
Abi is still in (only just fitting into) her 0000's! at nearly 10 weeks old!
And they say a full head of hair is this years model! Well your little G is living up to that!
Love the little Seed outfit! It's one we actually don't have! I would dress Abi in Seed every day if I could! But we are just starting to fit into their 0-3 months!

Sammie said...

oh! and yes! Early smiles! Don't listen to people who say it's wind! wink wink! ;-)

Mary said...

Congratulations. What a gorgeous little girl you have there. Love the name Georgie, so cute!

Ali said...

Aww she's so precious! Thanks for sharing :)

She Wore It Well said...

congrats!!! she's so cute and chubby! my fave sort of babies.

35 hours... bet you don't like thinking about that much! OUCH!!!


She Wore It Well Blog

Zaire said...

Oh, lovely photos! She's such a little sweetheart. Love your captions - very cute! Congratulations again :)