Monday, January 17, 2011

The Stylish Blogger Award!

I know - two posts in one day from the Kitty. How lucky are you all?

I am honoured that the lovely Blighty passed this award on to me. Such a stylish and witty essayist, she is one of the "must read, no questions asked" blogs on my blogroll. She always makes me laugh and brightens my day.

Mwah! Mwah! Thank you darlink! You truly made my day! I can only aspire to be as verbose and witty as you are, petal! Oh, and as smart, artistically talented and athletic...

A condition of the award is to tell you all 7 things about me. Unfortunately none of them are as remotely interesting or creative as Blighty's list, but here goes:

1. I am not the only one who is obsessed by shoes in our house. Millie (the blue tortie burmese cat) loves hiding my shoes under the bed. Just individual ones - never the pair. And always mine - never Mr Kitty's shoes. It makes it hard to get ready quickly in the morning when you have to search for single shoes I can tell you!

2. I am not a good flyer. Don't get me wrong - I love to travel, but the flying part, not so much. I prefer the destination, not the journey. I am also a horrilbe sailor - boats and Miss Kitty do not get along. Apart from getting awfully ill, I just don't own the correct footwear.

3. At last count I had 94 black dresses in my wardrobe. And no matter how many I have, I continue to look for more beautiful black dresses. I can't help it. I really hope Mr Kitty isn't reading this...

4. My favourite TV show of all time is The West Wing. Clever, funny, inspirational TV. I just wish our Prime Minister was half the leader Jed Barlett was. I'd settle for a quarter frankly.

5. I have a massive collection of costume jewellery. More than a normal person could ever want or need. I have a thing for faux (and real) pearls in particular - I think they are beautiful. It's my "collection" and I love it, but I do need to be a bit more selective about my purchases I think. Maybe this year...

6. I also have a huge thing for tea sets - I have three and counting: the Wedgewood Queen's Plain set, the Wedgewood Harlequin Queen of Hearts and my Limoges Legle set I am gradually adding to with Christmas and Birthday presents. I will never use them all regularly but I do love drinking tea and I find using a real cup and saucer soothing. Plus they are all so pretty... And I love to have my favourite T2 Melbourne Breakfast tea using my tea sets... Bliss! Oh, and scones. I should stop talking about afternoon tea.

7. I am a confirmed chocoholic. At the moment I have to be physically restrained from trotting off to Lindt every afternoon to partake in the world's best hot chocolate. Speaking of which, it's almost that time of day now...

So now I need to pass this award on to 15 other bloggers who I love and have recently discovered. Well - not so recently in some cases but they are extremely stylish and certainly deserve an award.

Clare at
Nikita from Becoming Burlesque
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Mildred's Mumma from The Stylish Shoe Girl
Sass from Sassiest
The lovely Semi-Expat from Semi-Expat in Oz
Katya from Oriental Hotel
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Willow and Lotus from Red Phoenix Style
And the ever stylish and thoughtful Sydney Shop Girl
What you all have to do is thank and link back to the person(s) who gave me this award, share your 7 things about yourself, then nominate the 15 bloggers you have recently discovered or who you think are worthy of the award. Comment on their blog letting them know you have nominated them. It's really that easy!
And thanks once again Blighty. Really, truly appreciate the love.


Clare said...



TheStylishShoeGirl said...

Thank you for the blog award, its my first ever blog award...very exciting!!
Mildred sat on the ottoman next to me while I put together my responses.

Kiki Chaos said...

Thank you, kitty! It's my first blog award too :) Yay!

Red Phoenix Style by Willow and Lotus Phoenix said...

Thank you for my first award Miss Kitty and for choosing some of us blogger newbies! I will action asap :)


Anonymous said...

Oh Kitty, that's very sweet of you, although you know what my blogging history has been like - "chequered" to say the least. I also love the West Wing - I didn't want it to end!!

Sydney Shop Girl said...

Thank you, Kitty!

I'm working on my answer.

SSG xxx

Sydney Shop Girl blog

Semi Expat said...

You are too, too kind Miss Kitty - thank you so much for this award... However will prob not get around to answers (sorry) till next week... XX

Blighty said...

Dear Miss Kitty, how did I miss this post! Thank you for all the nice things you said about me. Really love your 7 things, divine - love the fact you have 94 black dresses - how I would love to look in your wardrobe! Also your collection of jewellery and pearls - oh my! And your tea sets! Wonderful. I am going through a proper tea phase at the moment (leaves and teapot and all that) and am planning a trip to Fortnum & Mason to re-stock. Thank you for doing the 7 things and do hope it was not too much work! xxx