Thursday, February 11, 2010

Wicked part deux

Call me dumb, call me crazy, but I do appreciate a good musical, particularly one with good singing, great sets and fab humour. And I particularly like musicals with former Australian Idol competitors in them. Okay - I have only seen one and I loved that so I will venture that I like them all. Until I am convinced otherwise.

With two of my friends I have known for almost a decade (eeep!) we trundled off to watch the Sydney production of Wicked on Tuesday night. I didn't know the songs at all before the show, but I felt like I did - they were very familiar and catchy. It was fantastic - the sets were amazing and the costumes to die for. It was funny, it was cute and it was singing and dancing at it's finest.

And most importantly, it was Rob Mills. I was a little afraid going to see it, just in case he wasn't as good as I hoped. But he was better and in the role of Fiyero, he danced and sang up a storm. Others I went with didn't really rate his dancing, but it was better than mine so I classify it as good. Well, good enough for me! I have liked him ever since he was in Idol (the only series I have ever actually watched) and it was fab seeing him "tread the boards".

But, putting aside my love of Millsy, the real star of the show was the actress in the role of Glinda-with-a-GA. She was amazing. Worth the ticket price alone. She was funny and witty and made the three hour long production seem fast and pacey. Plus she had a fantastic wardrobe and delicious shoes!

I highly recommend you go and see it if you get a chance. Not many Australian Idol contestants can sing well enough to be in a musical (cough*shannonnoll*cough) so you should get your tickets while you can.

The Capitol Theatre, Haymarket
Tickets available from Ticketmaster



missklicious said...

I really want to go see this now, my co-worker gave me a rave review of it today and it sounds really good!

Anonymous said...

*sigh* This is my favourite musical! How wonderful is Defying Gravity? :D