Monday, October 25, 2010

A Philosophy...

I adore Philosophy bath products. I have used them almost exclusively for the past four years. I love the fabulous scent of the shower gels, the sudsiness, the minimalist packaging and the fact that they don't react with my somewhat sensitive skin. I have a few favourites: cinnamon buns, coconut frosting, raspberry sorbet, pumpkin spice. They also used to do a great Lemon shower gel but I don't think they make it anymore.


When I was in the US in April I discovered that Philosophy are doing a new Limited edition shower gel: Apricots and cream. A devotee of stonefruit in pretty much all it's forms, this was definitely something I wanted to try.

So I bought the shower gel and the body lotion. And when I got home, promptly put it in my cupboard and forgot about it.

Fast forward 6 months and I finish my bottle of cinnamon buns. It's getting a tad warmer outside so I'm definitely in the mood for something a little more summery and scented. I crack open the shower gel and take a sniff and almost faint from the bliss. The smell is absolutely incredible. It's a summer's day in a bottle. It's definitely the best Philosophy shower gel yet.

And the body lotion doesn't disappoint either. It's not as moisturising as Kiehl's Creme de Corps but what it lacks in creaminess it more than make up in the scent stakes. Delicious. Edible. Moreish. Delicate. Feminine. I happily go without perfume most days because the smell is just divine. It wears off after a few hours but it's yumtastic. I really wish they would do a perfume in this flavour.

Now here's the bad news - Apricots and Cream is only available in the US for the moment. But... Philosophy do ship to Australia and if you are willing to get a few things at a time, the $39.95 shipping isn't too bad, particularly when the dollar is almost at parity and you have to pay $38 dollars at Mecca for a $16 US product. Taking that into consideration, you only need to buy two body washes (that each last 4-6 months) and you are ahead in the money stakes. It's Kitty-nomics. Spend money to save, natch. Plus they have a huge range of lotions and body washes available. The Apricots and Cream body lotion is $24.

If you don't want to ship from overseas Mecca does have a range of Philosophy products available locally - body washes retail at $38 but they don't have many body lotions in stock.


Edit: a lovely friend just sent me a message saying that SkinStore stock Philosophy and have flat rate shipping of $14.95 to Australia. What an absolute bargain!! Go forth and shop!


Sydney Shop Girl said...

What a lovely scent to compensate for this dreadful weather!

SSG xxx

HelenThura said...

I'm loving that edit - mmmm shopping time

Blighty said...

Apricots and cream sounds lovely, I adore yummy bathing stuff, will check out this range, don't think I have ever tried it! xx

Miss Kitty-Cat said...

It's delicious Blighty! I think you should be able to get it at Selfridges or John Lewis.

Helen - go forth and SHOP!! It's a wonderful product.

SSG - it does make me feel a little more summery. Somewhat premature Mr K would say!

Anonymous said...

mmm. love philosophy - especially around christmas time.

Miss Kitty-Cat said...

They have some really good Christmas sets!

Kiki Chaos said...

lol... kitty-nomics. I like :)