Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bumbling along...

I love quirky jewellery. It's the shizz. Nothing jazzes up an outfit better than a gorgeous necklace or a fabulous bangle.

On my interweb travels this week I discovered a new designer (well, new for me). Alex Monroe established his jewellery design business in the UK more than 20 years ago and uses nature to inspire his whimsical intricately beautiful jewellery. He is inspired by the world around him.

Most of his designs are available in gold plate or sterling silver and use tiny jewels like amethyst, aquamarine and sapphires to highlight the delicate intricacy of the pieces. He also does bespoke work and limited edition pieces.

Big Peacock hook earrings - 150 pounds in gold, 132 pounds in silver

Bumblebee necklace - 135 pounds in gold, 117 pounds in silver

Some of my favourite items from his current collection include peacock inspired earrings and rings and flying bee necklaces. I particularly love the lucky clover necklace. I think I might have to try and convince Mr Kitty that I want something from this extensive selection.

Large lucky clover necklace - 132 pounds in gold, 114 pounds in silver

The question is - which one should I get?

Alex Monroe's work is available extensively in boutiques and department stores around the UK and also online. There are a few Australian stockists as well, particularly if you are in Melbourne.




Not Quite Nigella said...

Love the peacock earrings! :o They look so delicate and lovely! And the little bee is adorable too! :D

Miss Kitty-Cat said...

They have some really pretty things Lorraine. They also have peacock feather hoops that are lovely...

Kiki Chaos said...

The bumble bee. Definitely the bumble bee. Look how fat and cute its little body is. I want one.

Semi Expat said...

How strange is this ? Was just looking at Alex Monroe jewellery yesterday - the daughter is a HUGE FAN and it is her birthday soon. Love the designs especially the little bee one! x

Miss Kitty-Cat said...

So funny Semi-Expat!! I stumbled across it from another blog. I love that the jewellery is so whimsical and pretty.

Kiki - I think I like the bumble bee too - but the peacock earrings in silver are sooo pretty too!