Monday, March 28, 2011

A monumental weekend....

Well, from a political standpoint, that is. NSW has a new Premier and a new Government. Nothing unexpected there. But what was unexpected was the total drubbing that the NSW Labor Governemtn got in the poll. It was an absolute bloodbath.

I just hope our new Premier uses his newly bestowed power for good. Let's see what he achieves in his first year.

And if Julia thinks there are no Federal repercussions of this poll, I think she's kidding herself. People don't like your lies, Jooolia, no matter how many times your eyes well up during question time.

On other, more prosaic matters (because this blog is not a place for political statements), I am back on the mend after a week of feeling not very nice at all. The ultimate proof I was feeling better: I was back in the kitchen getting my bake back on. A round of scones and some banana and walnut muffins later I finally feel like I am getting back on top of things. Now, just to wait for a nice sunny day so I can tackle some washing...


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