Tuesday, June 22, 2010


How fabulous is this jacket?

It's a must have for the winter season. Actually I think leopard transcends season, but wouldn't it be perfect for the cold winter days we are currently seeing? And the model has even paired it with all black, just like I would.

It's meant to be. They even have it in my size. Well, almost.

Unfortunately, Mr Kitty doesn't see 6,240 pounds ($10,500) as a good investment. Not even if it would make me happy. Very happy indeed. And It's Alexander McQueen so practically an investment piece.

Le sigh. I clearly spend too much time at Net-a-Porter. The good news is that there are a lot of other beautiful things at the Net-a-Porter International sale that can be bought for a lot less than this jacket.

For example, these Jimmy Choo espadrilles, these Marni pumps, and these Valentino pumps at 40% off retail. Hmmm... And they even have my size!

They also have this Jimmy Choo handbag:

Maybe I might convince Mr Kitty on this one? It is half price after all...



Not Quite Nigella said...

NAP is so dangerous isn't it! Before you know it, you've added something impossibly fabulous into your basket and you haven't even left the house!

*misskitty* said...

ZOMG indeed! I too share your sense of worship and adoration to the leopard print gods above! LOL The only issue I would have about wearing that jacket is that everyone would want to pat you and thereby getting their grubby paws all over your stunningly beautiful yet ridiculously expensive outer garment! ps - is the handbag furry?