Monday, May 31, 2010

New York part deux

So we picked up the car masquerading as a truck and pointed it North. Destination: Woodbury Common.

Last time we visited I was starry eyed with all the amazing bargains to be had. This time, it wasn't as good. It was still okay, just not AS good.

I bought a few things at Ralph Lauren (a couple of dresses). I bought a nice pair of shoes at Salvatore Ferragamo (red ones. with a bow. snazzy.). I bought a few pairs of flats at Ecco and Aerosoles.

But I bought nothing at Prada. Nothing at Miu Miu. Nothing at Bally or any of those other wonderful designery type stores. It was all just a bit... Average.

But that was okay. I was saving myself for later in the week.

On the way back from Woodbury Common, we stopped at Short Hills Mall in New Jersey and I have to say I was probably more impressed with that than I was Woodbury this time around. I boght a great Ralph Lauren dress and a Calvin Klein jacket. The only downside to stopping there was that we unfortunately got stuck in traffic coming back into NYC and missed our dinner reservation at Lupa. Oh well - another reason to go back to New York!

After a restful night's sleep we set off on our second adventure with the truck - this time we decided to take it to The Hamptons. Home of the Elite. Summer destination of the stars.

Well, during the summer. It was a bit colder than we anticipated it might be, but nevertheless we drove through Easthampton and Southampton and ogled all the amazing houses. And they were amazing. I might have to do a little more than ferret for change down the back of the couch if we want one, that's for sure. Mr Kitty is going to have to start finagling those financials a bit harder, if I really want to live there.

There it is! Our new home...

Hiding behind the sand dunes with it's own private beach...

Anyway, we finally made it back to NYC, dropped off the car and moseyed back to the hotel.

Friday was all about ART. We spent some serious time at The Metropolitan Museum of Art viewing the Picasso exhibition and the impressionist collection (which is AMAZING). I also managed to get a great look at the American Women Exhibition, focusing on fashion from the turn of the 20th Century to the 1930's. It was absolutely wonderful. Highly recommended if you are in NYC anytime over the next few months.


After our meander through the Met, I went shopping. Yes, shopping. I went to Christian Louboutin and I bought shoes. Plural. More than one. Pair. Yes. I will share them in due course (once I have photographed everything). But suffice to say there is leopard print. And a lot of it. You would all be proud.

I made my way down Madison and Fifth. I pottered through all the shops. Zara was disappointing but I have resigned myself to the fact they no longer make things for people of my height. Everything is waaay too short (and I am no giant). I bought a fab cashmere Donna Karan cardigan in Bloomingdales. I lusted after the bags at Barneys. I bought more shoes at Bergdorf Goodmans. I cried in Crate and Barrel at the beautiful things. I fiddled and played with iPads in the Apple Store. It was the most fabulous of days, and despite the credit card bill, I'd do it all again in a heartbeat.

Dinner that night was at the amazing Spice Market, courtesy of a recommendation from the wonderful Amy at Whisk and Whimsy. I'd go so far to say it was the best meal of our trip - certainly the best meal in New York. The vibe is very cool, the food amazing, and despite the interesting antics of our dining companions at the next table, it was a fabulous night. And truly memorable.

Saturday morning took us to Macy's and the big sale. I don't get Macy's. It just doesn't do a lot for me. It's poky, confusing and an endless stream of rooms. Oddly enough I didn't actually buy anything, but what with my blow out the day before and the limits on my baggage allowance between NYC and Las Vegas, that's not a bad thing. Some frantic packing, a fabulous dinner at Balthazar and an "OMG moment" when I spotter Sarah Jessica Parker leaving our hotel rounded out our fabulous week in New York.

It would be hard to top. Las Vegas - are you up for it?

Kitty xx


Christine-Louise said...

ah i love zara for the precise reason you don't!!! tis' ridiculous though.

amy said...

Ooh yes, Vegas, bring it on please :)

Once again, so thrilled about your Spice Market experience :) Chuckling about your frisky neighbours still, I told Dan and he was in hysterics. Must be something about that place... ehehehe

Can't wait to see the Louboutins, and I don't get Macy's either. It's such a hassle to try and navigate through there and it's never worth it when you see some of the hideous stuff they have on sale there. I can never find anything I like and it seems an effort to come to that realisation.

*misskitty* said...

It sounds like you and Mr Kitty had a fabulous holiday! I can't wait to see all your new purchases esp anything with leopard print! hehehe Hope that you've finished unpacking and settling back home nicely :)

Anonymous said...

oh, the hamptons. i'm planning a holiday/school reunion there with 20 friends next year. amazeballs-lookin place ;)

Sydney Shop Girl said...

Can't wait to see pics of your purchases... and Vegas!

SSG xxx