Tuesday, May 25, 2010

New York New York! Part one...

So my grand plan for updating my blog while I was away really didn't go to plan... Nor did I take advantage of the gym facilities in any of the hotels we stayed at. But we did have a wonderful time and now I am back I can fill you all in on our amazing travels!

I'll pick up where we left off - arriving in New York!

We flew from the delightful city of Omaha to New York on the Sunday after the Berkshire Hathaway AGM, and I was so excited about arriving in one of my favourite cities of the world! So excited, in fact that I didn't take all that many photos... But that's another story.

We checked into our fabulous hotel (apartment) at the Hotel AKA Times Square which I highly recommend - other than being fabulous value for money, it's central but still relatively quiet. And the space! We had a one bedroom apartment and I swear our bedroom alone was bigger than the bedroom and bathroom we had the last time we came to New York. There was also a huge loungeroom and a great little kitchen which came in very handy...

Our first night in NYC we stopped by the fabulous Risottoria - one of our favourite restaurants from the last time we were in NYC. It's on Bleecker Street and is still very good. We started with the meatballs and a salad and Mr Kitty had the chicken, olive and roasted pepper risotto and I had the roast lamb, spinach and gorgonzola risotto. Like many restaurants now in New York, they don't allow photography inside which is a real pain, and will explain the lack of photos for this part of the trip... The food was really good, if not quite as good as I remembered!

On the Monday we went walking, and walking, and walking... We stopped by the Neue Gallerie on the Upper East Side (I have a fascination with Klimt and Bauhaus Design) which was amazing - I saw the Klimts when I was in Austria last year at the Belvedere Gallery but it was so amazing to see another one, and a truly famous one at that. Adele Bloch-Bauer 1 has a really interesting story that is interwoven with European history which made viewing it all the more fascinating. I also loved the decorative arts they had on display from the early 20th century, including a couple of amazing clocks that I really loved by an Austrian Architect called Adolf Loos.

Pictures courtesy of the Neue Gallerie, New York

On the Monday night we ventured down to the East Village to a restaurant called Hearth, which was pretty good. Unfortunately not as good as I was expecting but that might have just been my expectations and hopes running wild... The highlight was an amazing pineapple upside down cake with cardamon - truly awesome - and a fabulous rabbit parpadelle.

Tuesday was another walking walking walking day, topped off with a visit to Katz's Deli for an amazing pastrami sandwich. To give you an idea, this sandwich is so large it can feed two people. We had one and a cheese and fruit blintz which was more than enough for the two of us. The afternoon took us ambling through Chelsea and the West Village, including a stop at Diptique on Bleecker Street (a purchase or three may have been made) and then a nice drink at a little bar during an impromptu rainstorm. We opted for dinner in on Tuesday night, paying a visit to our favourite supermarket - wholefoods. i swear, if this store existed in Australia, Mr Kitty would be bankrupted in record time.

On Wednesday and Thursday we had a Car. Or should I say truck...

Some might call it overkill for two people. Unfortunately we were a little late to pick up our pre-booked compact car at the rental office and this is all they had left... The silver lining was that we in fact did end up getting a car (because the four people in the queue behind us didn't) and that is had enough storage space in the back for all the shopping I was going to do at Woodbury Common!!

Stay tuned!

Kitty xx

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Sydney Shop Girl said...

I cannot wait to see the damage at Woodbury Common. It looks like a great car for driving your haul home.

You were both so brave to be driving in a foreign country.

Have a great weekend and try to stay dry here in Sydney.

SSG xxx