Tuesday, April 6, 2010

How pretty are these?

In my random wandering across the interwebs, I stumbled across these beauties from Tiffanys over the weekend. Aren't they just sensational? Fabulouso in fact! Just the prettiest things your peepers have seen in ages? If Mr Kitty bought them for me I'm sure I would wear them ALL the time (they'd look great paired with my Bonds tracksuit and uggboots). I told him I'd never take them off. There may or may not have been snorting coming from his vicinity when I said this - I can't be sure...

Unfortunately when I pointed them out to him on the screen, he also clocked the price. Suffice to say I won't be getting them - not unless I pool a lifetime of birthday presents together. And Christmas. And possibly even anniversary presents as well.

They can be yours for an eminently reasonable $33,000 US Dollars. Only. They are $49,500 if you buy them through Tiffany in Australia, but everyone knows you only buy Tiffany in the US. It's heaps cheaper. Much better value.

Have fun kiddies!



Sydney Shop Girl said...

Kitty - T&Co are too open with their prices on the website.

I've done the same thing myself.

Stunning earrings, I agree.

SSG xxx

Miss Kitty-Cat said...

I totally agree - too open indeed. I discovered these when pricing up a Tiffany Key for Mr Kitty to purchase me in the US where it is miles cheaper than here. He was not impressed when I suggested he buy me the earrings instead. A girl can but try!

Ms Curious @ CCM said...

Those earrings are just gorgeous! I will be happy with one with crystals which will bring down the price significantly.

Miss Kitty-Cat said...

That definitely would Ms Curious!!