Friday, February 12, 2010


This afternoon I head to Melbourne to visit the family. My sister, Little Miss Kitty, is in town (she lives in London) so we are all catching up together.

When the Kitties catch up, it more than likely revolves around food. My mother and I will discuss for weeks beforehand what we are going to eat. Where we are going to eat. Lists will be made. Yes - we are that obsessed. It shouldn't surprise you at all.

This time we are staying in South Yarra. We will eat dinner tonight at a Japanese restaurant (an old family favourite) in Malvern for Bento Boxes and then tomorrow night we'll have dinner at Red Spice Road which is a new favourite of mine. My parents introduced me. The pork belly there is divine. It comes with caramel. Seriously. And being big fans of breakfast, no doubt the Kitties will also eat at Harveys too. It's tradition for us.

LMK will also want to go shopping. And we'll catch up with my friend and her cuter than cute baby Lucy. An all round top weekend.

The only bad thing about going to Melbourne is that I will miss Mr Kitty. He is staying home to take care of the children (er.... cats...). I might have to buy him a little present to say thank you. But what to get for the man who wants (or wants for) nothing?




Anonymous said...

Have fun in Melbourne! :D pork belly with caramel? Yum!

Miss Kitty-Cat said...

It's insanely good. Worth the trip to Melbourne alone. It's actually Pork Belly with Chilli Caramel, Black Vinegar, Cabbage and Mint and the vinegar offsets the sweetness of the caramel beautifully. I am hungry now just thinking about it...

WayneandFarrah said...

Have a lovely time in Melbourne =)