Friday, April 5, 2013

Holy Grail: Jo Malone body moisturisers

Keeping the theme of moisture running (and what a theme - here in Sydney it's been bucketing!)...

I'm a sucker for a good body moisturiser. Something emollient and fragrant always works for me. I used to be a big fan of Philosophy body creams but recently they seem to have become somewhat... thin... Or maybe my body needs a thicker cream to combat Australia's drying environment?

If I am out and about outside I will often use Kiehls Creme de Corps Lightweight Body Lotion with SPF 30+ (which they have recently discontinued, much to my chagrin - they still make the lotion, just not with sunscreen). It has a wonderfully natural coconut smell which is really the essence of summer in a bottle. But now that it's getting colder and I don't need the SPF under the layers of cardigans and scarves I seem to be wearing, I revert to my all time favourite moisturiser: Jo Malone.

There are two different types of body creams produced by this estimable perfumery: Body Creme and hand and body lotion. To use a cooking analogy, the Creme is thicker and more emollient, like double cream. The lotion is more like single cream: a great hydrator and good for everyday.

Both have their place in my bathroom, but I find as the days get colder and I need that little bit of extra comfort, I reach more and more for the Creme.

The good news is that both options have great longevity when it comes to scent. You can also layer your favourite Jo Malone perfume over the moisturiser to either give it more staying power or create a new different aroma.I often wear the Lime, Basil and Mandarin Body Creme with the Grapefruit perfume (although I have to say all that yummy citrus does have the downside of making me a tad hungry).

Unfortunately the price of these wonderful creams is the downside. The Creme is $130 for 175ml and the lotion is $105 for 250ml. But, as a treat, they are worth the splurge. And if you can get them on your travels overseas where it is cheaper, all the better!

Do you have a favourite body cream?



Sydney Shop Girl said...

I must try these. Huge fan of the bath oil and shower gels.

My favourite body lotion would have to be Aveeno's in the tub with the pale blue lid. I wish I could be more specifice.

Second choice would be sorbolene with evening primrose oil. It's the scent that's a bit like of that old school Oil of Ulan....

SSG xxx

Amy said...

I love Jo Malone's lime, basil and mandarin fragrance - it's so fresh.

My fave body cream is by far and away the Almond Milk Concentrate from l'Occitane. Oh my, so soft, so delectable. The fragrance makes me want to chew my arm off, but I'm too busy marvelling at how soft my skin is to do so. The exfoliant in the same range is also lovely, and I have been loving the Almond Supple Skin Oil for my baby bump!