Sunday, March 10, 2013

Some things I love #1

Inspired by the wonderful ButWhyMummyWhy, I have decided to try and share a few of my favourite things on a semi-regular basis. I know I have been a bit of an absentee blogger recently, what with holidays with baby and our ever increasing social schedule, but I am hoping to get back into it over the following weeks.

Something I read: interiors magazines. Too many of them. Our house is filled with Belle, Inside Out, Vogue.... Seeking inspiration for our rebuild.... For me, its a very exciting project, if somewhat daunting. We have barely touched this house in the 7 years we have been here (knowing full well we were going to demolish) and the last time we bought a piece of furniture - our couches - it took us 9 months to decide... Hence getting in early with the research. We have a full house to decorate. Scary times.

Something I watched: We are ripping through The Good Wife at a cracking pace. I never watched this the first time around and am delighting in the storylines, the clothes, the relationships, the clothes... I can't wait for the next episode.

Something I wore: running shoes. Getting back into training after a few weeks off. Too much wine, food and lazing about on holidays made it hard this week!

Something I listened to: sick of Baby Einstein, we have moved onto classical for our car trips. Georgie is yet to be convinced but she seems to be digging Amici Forever..

Something I cannot live without: our recent trip to Margaret River has revived my appreciation for artisan chocolate and there is none better than Bahen & Co. Their 70% dark chocolate with roasted almonds and sea salt is the bees knees. More on this soon!

So are there some things you can't live without?

Kitty xx



Anonymous said...

Just seen this post! So pleased you've joined in - don't forgot to add your page to the linky so others can find you too xx

She Wore It Well said...

I can't live without good tea and good books. Only fair!