Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Viva la sale!!

Now that Project Nada is no more, Miss Kitty has been going on a bit of a sale spree.Tis the season and all. Support retail blah, blah...

We started last week with a gorgeous Camilla kaftan. Channeling Talitha Getty during her Morocco years, Faux Fuchsia and  LovelyJublies, I figure it will be lovely and cool on some of the hots days we will be experiencing this summer. And I'm sure it will be perfectly accessorised, courtesy of Little G's peanut buttery paw prints. Glamtastic. When I showed it to Mr K, he thought it was a tablecloth. Still does. Oh well.

Now, I wasn't going to visit the UK sites much, but when I got an email from Matches enticing me with free international shipping, I thought it would be rude not to browse. After all, they sent me such a lovely note!

Unfortunately (for Mr K) they had exactly what I was looking for.
Remember I posted waaaay back in July about this Alexander McQueen scarf? I looked for it when I was in London but never found it. Combed the streets (well, Harrods, Harvey Nicks and Selfridges). I chanced upon the white version at Liberty's but honestly, who has a baby and wears white cashmere scarves? Recipe For Disaster in this house.

Matches had the original green scarf. For half price. Free shipping. SOLD!
While I was there, I popped these beauties from Monica Vinader in my basket too. A real steal. Unfortunately I got the last pair. Poor you. But they do have similar ones on the Monica Vinader website. Just not these ones. And not on sale. Yay for me!!

Matches free shipping code is FREEJAN, good until the 14th January. And they have loads of amazing things on their website. Seriously... Worth a forage.

All in all, a good sale haul. Miss Kitty has been a very busy girl indeed!!

Did you find anything great in the sales, lovelies?

Kitty xx


KittyCate said...

Gorgeous haul hun, love the caftan! Managed to snaffle some great bargains online in the Bassike sale, winner! xx

Z said...

Good work with the muumuu. Men have an inherent inability to appreciate them, I've found.

Am studiously avoiding clicking the link to Matches...

Indi C said...

Oh no I am on a shopping ban but am finding it hard to look on this Matches websites now. Never heard of it which is lucky for my wallet.

nice purchases I love the scarf.