Monday, February 27, 2012


There is much written and discussed about the best time to start solids for your baby. WHO says that babies should be exclusively breastfed until they are 6 months old. By 6 months, a baby's iron stores are supposedly completely depleted and need to be boosted with iron supplemented cereals. The Australasian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy (ASCIA) recommends between 4 and 6 months, depending on development and readiness. Our Pediatrician recommended 4 months, based on recent research into allergies. Our GP said solids should be fully established by 6 months so to start no later than 5 months, but earlier if Baby G shows interest.

With all of this conflicting information it's easy to get confused about what is right. We tend to parent a lot by instinct so followed our gut feeling and started her at 4 months. She had been chewing on everything in sight (other than her Sophie La Giraffe which she is supposed to chew) and I felt that I couldn't possibly keep up with her hunger (despite already supplementing her breastfeeds with a bottle of formula a day) and she was intently watching us eat and drink while we were out and about and at home. So the day after she turned 4 months old, We sat her down and gave her the first taste - rice cereal.

To me, it tastes like wallpaper paste. Honestly. To her, it was ambrosia. Smiles all around. Clearly a success. She gobbled it down and wanted more. Since then, we have tried apple, banana, mango, sweet potato, avocado and pumpkin. Apple she wasn't too keen on (I think it was the slightly gritty texture) and banana made her cry the first time she tried it but she subsequently has been happy to eat it. Mango and pumpkin are her favourites so far but she loves her rice cereal. She loves it so much she starts to squeal if I don't spoon it fast enough. Hilarious.

I think we can call this experiment a success so far. Next on the agenda - zucchini!



Faux Fuchsia said...

O hated solids! I started him St 5 months and he used to sob and howl!!! He likes them now but it was a struggle! I agree that parenting by instinct is key. Hope you are well xxxx

Julia Kuku Couture Invitations said...

I started my little boy at 4.5 months and he hasn't looked back but i did find that once I started giving him solids there was so much more work to do.

Good luck

Maxabella said...

She's so adorable!! That rice cereal is bom worthy, but they seem to go ok on it! I don't honestly think it matters in the big scheme of things when they start or what they start with. I found my old 'baby health book' at my parents' place when we wer down last and it recommended vegemite toast as an excellent first food so... I think you're good. x

Sammie said...

^ he he we have given A Vegemite toast!
Your lucky baby G is doing well! We are still on struggle street and basically A wont eat anything! Can't even get her to take a bottle (of expressed milk!) anymore either!
I'm looking into baby lead weaning and hoping that will do the trick! Not looking forward to the mess.
Try peach too, it's yummy!

Sammie said...

A never been into solids. I'm not worried yet. She has a great set of thighs in her, so if she was to get sick (please no) then I know she has the extra fat to help.
I'll check out homemade heart and the BLW. Thank you.
For some different ideas look up Annabel Karmel!

Miss Kitty-Cat said...

FF - given how Baby G attacked every milky meal with gusto (and if family heritage and genetics have anything to do with it), I had a sneaking suspicion she would be ok on solids anyway. Starting at 4 months meant we had plenty of time in case she didn't take to them.

Julia - you are so right. Of all things I am finding the food prep the least labour intensive - it's all the cleaning and washing we now need to do. And the feeding itself seems to take an age...

Maxabella - it's so funny what they recommend. Now they say no gluten before 6 months but come that magic date she's getting a piece of toast for sure!

Sammie - yes, there are plenty of babies who hate purees! Definitely look into baby led weaning. Messy, yes, but some babies like the options!

K xx

The Mummy said...

I'm so glad she's enjoying her food! It's funny how advice changes, seemingly unceasingly - 10 years ago when my sister was a bub, her paed recommended introducing mashed potatoes at 4 months. Seemed sort of bizarre to mum, mashed potatoes being relatively low in, well, anything nutritious!

Tabby was DYING to get into food from 4.5 months or so, grasping and lunging at everything, but when we started the BLW (at 5 months or so I think, she was ready based on Mummy Intuition), she lost interest almost right away. As soon as she was allowed to hold food, she got bored of it! She started eating properly around 7 months I'd say, actually consuming food.

So fascinating how different they all are!

Miss Kitty-Cat said...

The Mummy, I agree - I can't think of anything less nutritious than mashed potato, delicious though it is.

G loves spoons. She loves trying to feed herself. As soon as I am a bit more confident with her I'll give her some finger foods. I think she's keen to try things for herself! In the interim I let her hold her own spoon, messy though it is.

K xx

Red Phoenix Style by Willow and Lotus Phoenix said...

Aww, she certainly looks to be enjoying herself! Good luck with the other food adventures. L xx