Friday, December 30, 2011

Oobi doobi do.

Baby G is a very lucky girl. We went out to lunch this week with friends and she received this divine Holly ruffle pocket Oobi dress in Cherry Baby from our friends who were visiting from Singapore. It's so lovely - I was thrilled when I unwrapped it (on her behalf of course). I can't wait for her to be big enough to wear it, and at the rate she is growing that won't be long!

It also comes in Apple Pop which is a fabulous colour combination. I love it so much I'm considering buying it as well... And it also comes in blue and pink... Decisions decisions!


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Semi Expat said...

How sweet and how lovely Baby G looked in all of her Christmas outfits from the previous post. Delightful. Agree re: ham.. have got HAM overload here too! X