Monday, September 12, 2011

Shower pour le bebe!

The spectacular cake. Words cannot describe how good it was.

On the weekend I had my baby shower. I had so much fun! It was an immense amount of work for two of my best friends and I but it was a really amazing afternoon. I loved seeing so many of my friends who I hadn't seen in ages - it was such a great occasion for celebration. I even had special visitors from interstate, including my Mother, Mr K's Aunt from Adelaide, the Mummy from Homemade Heart and a dear friend from Brisbane. So lovely to see everyone.

Setting up the food table!

We had so much food - chicken, egg and cucumber sandwiches, home made sausage rolls, greek salad skewers, chipolatas, mini quiches from La Renaissance in the Rocks... And the sweet offerings included beautiful cupcakes from The Cupcake Princess; macarons, cookies and chocolate crackles painstakingly hand made by one of my very good friends and the most divine cake from Faye Cahill (more on that later). If anyone left hungry, they certainly weren't trying hard enough.

The world's most amazing cake. Bar none. Did I mention it was amazing?

It almost killed me to cut it but it was so worth it. The taste was absolutely amazing.

The presents were absolutely amazing too - I can't get over how many things the little princess received! I have to now work out where to put everything - the nursery is currently stacked with so many beautiful things... I'll do a post on some of the presents a little later. People were so generous, both with their time and presents. I was overwhelmed.

Admiring the divine blanket crocheted for me by The Mummy at Homemade Heart. You can't imagine a more beautiful gift.

Early on in the present unwrapping event. Note - the pile of paper on the couch is non-existent! That changes very quickly!

The gorgeous Tabitha, daughter of The Mummy, and my friend Simone who made the most amazing cookies and macarons for the festivities!

I now have 6 weeks until the baby is due. Thank goodness most of the hard work has now been done and I can begin to relax a little.



Maxabella said...

What a wonderful celebration for you and a lovely 'start' to the Little Kitty's life.

You are so right about that stunning cake. It's a work of art!


TheStylishShoeGirl said...

Looks like a lovely day and how nice to have some guests that travelled the distance!

The food looks very stylish and sophisticated, I wouldn't expect anything less from you.

And the looks fabulous and more like a centrepiece than a cake....what a creation!

Blighty said...

Dear Miss Kitty, what a wonderful baby shower and that cake is magnificent. Take care of yourself and enjoy the next 6 weeks, it's such a lovely precious time xx

Aneets said...

It looks like it was a great shower.

I hate cutting into pretty cakes too. Baby D's christening cake was a similar work of art & I almost shed a tear when cutting it. Of course once I tasted it I soon forgot any misgivings!

Anonymous said...

You are a woman rich with friends! Looks like such a happy party (with knockout gifts!).

Anonymous said...

Looks like a lot of fun. Wish you could send some of that cake my way. We love Faye Cahill at PDB HQ :)