Tuesday, July 19, 2011

More Elk.

Longtime readers of this blog will know I have an ongoing love affair with the accessories brand Elk. I think their items are stunning - on trend, well made and moderately priced.

Whilst purchasing a gift for a friend, I stumbled across this necklace.

It's something I have seen before and liked but never got around to purchasing. At $45, I thought it was really good value so I clicked and purchased. Shipping is reasonable at a flat rate of $10.

It arrived today. I am very pleased with my purchase, even though it's a little more casual than I was anticipating. The beads are chunky and fun. I have loads of formal jewellery so a casual addition to my collection is definitely not unwelcome!



Cole K said...

Cool necklace, love the colour!

Anonymous said...

This is a lovely necklace ...

Kelly @
Elegantly Academic