Monday, January 17, 2011

Let them eat shoes!

Marie-Antoinette is a girl after my own heart. She loved frilly things, lace, jewellery, afternoon tea and shoes. When we visited Versailles on our Honeymoon it became evident that if we lived in the same time, I'm sure we would have been firm friends. We have a very similar feminine style, we both love(d) macarons and live(d) in palaces fit for queens*.

So it's almost serendipitous that my latest purchase would have such stong connections to one of history's greatest trend setters. I'm sure she would endorse me buying them no matter what kind of spending ban I am supposed to be on. She's be that kind of friend.

As some backgroud, Mimco gave all the profits from puchases on Friday 14th January to the Flood Appeal. In an effort to be supportive (as I always try to be) I thought I'd pop in and check out the new stock as well as items on sale. You know, do my bit for the flood victims.

Unfortunately (for my credit cart), there were many beautiful things in store. I managed to restrain myself quite admirably, but I just so happened to be drawn to these beauties. Scattered with silvery studs and made from contrasting suede and nappa leather, they are at the same time chic and elegant whilst still being a bit cutting edge. Just like the woman herself. I think she would have particularly liked the bow and the sculptural heel.
They are in fact called Antoinette and they were an insanely good $119.20, reduced from $350. I think that's a saving of about a bajillion percent**. I think Faux Fuchsia might approve. They are certainly thrifty economy drive shoes... Plus - all the profit from my purchase went to help the flood victims so in fact, by making this purchase I was giving to charity.

Unfortunately Mr Kitty didn't see it that way. He just sighed and passed me another cupcake.

They still have stock in store of all the different colours but if you are interested I suggest you get in quick - at this price they will be walking out the door themselves.


* I am still waiting for my palace but I have been assured the plans are imminent.

** Miss Kitty isn't so good on the maths front, particularly on calculating savings and percentages. It's something she should be very good at given how many things she buys on sale but alas, she is not. Mr Kitty informs me that they shoes were in fact 66% off the original price. Bargain.
You can still directly donate money to help support the flood victims. For more information, please go here.


Kiki Chaos said...

Haha... such a funny post :) Those shoes are perfect in every way. Love the contrasting leathers and the studs. Perfect!

Miss Kitty-Cat said...

They are lovely Kiki - and surprisingly comfortable. Win win.

Semi Expat said...

Miss Kitts you make me laugh - loving your saving policy of a billion percent off! And the shoes are lovely - wish I could wear heels as high - always look so elegant too x

Miss Kitty-Cat said...

Awww - Thanks SE. Unfortunately my justification of "it's for charity" didn't wash very well with Mr K. He was impressed with my thriftiness though and said I might want to explore not actually spending money rather than spending to save. It's a new concept.

Julia R said...

Ooh, lovely shoes. And they do actually look really comfy, which is a plus!