Sunday, September 5, 2010

Out of Africa.

Mr Kitty and I are currently travelling. We are doing the African Safari thing in Kruger National Park. Usually something of this nature would conjure up images of a young Greta Scacchi dressed in period costume looking gorgeous as she sweeps across the savannah, Charles Dance in tow... The dressing possibilities in my imagination are endless.

Unfortunately the reality is far more restrained. I have practically lived in the same bonds hoodie and trackpants the entire week. I haven't worn anything approximating make-up since I left Sydney, lip balm and moisturiser excluded. White linen gets awfully creased while sitting in a Toyota Corolla for hours on end and the red sandy dust shows on everything after about three minutes.

The reality of 5am starts and long days in a car squinting into the distance wondering if that rock you are looking at is indeed a rhino or that blur behind the bushes was in fact a lion has left me with nothing of a decorous or decadent nature to share with you.

Other than these. Enjoy.

We're off to London tomorrow. Shopping, a long bath and something to eat other than deep fried carbohydrates and protein are all in order. As is decent coffee and proper contact with the outside world.

Of course it's not all bad. I'm currently sitting here with a gin and tonic looking over the Sabie River at the elephants about 150m on the other side of the riverbank as they graze for their afternoon snack. Life doesn't get much more elemental - or any better - than that.

Will report back with more on our African Adventures soon, kittens.

Kitty xx


Maxabella said...

Oh how I loved travelling in Africa. I miss it all the time. It's just such an amazing place to be. Lucky you! x

Sydney Shop Girl said...


Good on you for embarking on a 'more elemntal' holiday. Enjoy that G&T.

Can't wait to read more and London sounds lovely. I've never been and await the low down.

Take care both of you,

SSG xxx

Kiki Chaos said...

Sounds like a fabulous adventure! They're such beautiful animals - and how exciting to see leopard print in the flesh!

Anonymous said...

Amazing photos kitty! Looking forward to more!

Anonymous said...

great photos - glad you're enjoying yourself. have a ball in london!!

Kimberley said...

Photos look great and what a fantastic experience!!!

Maxabella said...

... I just know you'll be posting of your adventures real soon... right?

Blighty said...

love the photos, my fav is the leopard lying languidly on branch, what style! and so this season!