Friday, August 20, 2010

The house plans.

Good news from the Kitty camp today: our house plans have finally gone into council for discussion. Not the official DA process, but a modified pre-DA version which you can do through our council. You can submit your plans for discussion and feedback to a planning officer and then have a meeting to talk about why you have designed it the way you have and where you don't comply with planning laws.

The process is designed to try and make the DA process smoother and get you a better result for your plans and have a chance to negotiate before putting the plans through the formal DA process. We have our meeting with council next Tuesday and I have my fingers crossed that they will be kind to us! I'm really excited about the progress we have made these last few weeks and can't wait to start talking to builders about it!



Amy said...

hooray, progress! :)

WayneandFarrah said...

Exciting! my parents are doing the same thing soon. Good luck!